American Roots: 5 Amazing Products

American Roots: 5 Amazing Products


Opening a new salon or barbershop, or need a serious update? With Keller International, you will find some of the beauty industries best and more profound salon equipment designs made exclusively within the United States of America. You love durable quality and longevity, so you've come to the right article to find some of the best equipment on the market. We’re breaking down five of the best US brand products that you absolutely need to get your hands on.

Wahl clippers
5. Wahl takes professional beauty industry tools to the next level with its popular demand and up-to-date designs. From basic shavers to cordless designer clippers, all parts are finely manufactured within the continental USA. That’s all fine and dandy, but how do you know you can trust them? To start: these products have been improving haircuts for over a century. When a product has longevity like this, you know it’s trustworthy because that many people over so many years can't be wrong, right? We highly suggest the Senior Premium Hair Clippers which has an impressive V5000 motor! This truly timeless clipper powerhouse is an essential tool for your barbering artistry.

Original Barber Pole | Keller International

4. Prior to the year 1950, the red, white & blue spinning pole outside a shop was recognized for surgery. Then, along came William Marvy’s Company, which changed all of that forever. They are the pioneering company who created the first “six ways better” pole, and nearly one hundred thousand are still in rotation. If you spy a barber pole on a street corner, it’s bound to be made by this American brand. Barber poles are a true American barbershop tradition, and the standard 6” Barber Pole Series is the most popular & durable model offered! This is an aesthetic must-have for all barbershops.

Simplicity Massage Table | Keller International

3. In the late 1980s, ergonomic needs for massage therapy arose. These comfort requirements were essentially created by Custom Craftworks and has now transformed into an economical revolution. This American made product is manufactured by earth friendly foams, making it fantastic for your customer and the environment as the materials used help promote a cleaner, more beautiful world. You could call it "feel-good furniture." The portable Simplicity Massage Table is an ideal selection for it design, and at this price, it's a steal.

Cobalt Barber Chair | Keller International

2. When you purchase salon equipment from an American brand, you can expect more from your products, which leads us to this well known brand. With Collins Manufacturing Co., you can expect very fair shipping costs with beautiful product customizations. You know a brand trusts and stands behind the quality of their products if their warranty is good for nearly 10 years. We highly recommended the Cobalt Barber Chair as it comes in an array of upholstery options and has one of the industry’s best warranties. With Collins products, you know you can buy in confidence.

Highland Hydraulic Pump | Keller International

1. Keller International’s Deluxe Highland Pump & Base is one of our own American favorites because it’s the roots that keep your chairs stable! This piece of salon equipment is so significant because it is manufactured out of a heavy gauge steel and contains a 5 year warranty. All our Keller barber & styling chairs are offered with this upgrade option because your chair pump & base is the most important functionality for your equipment. Ensure that your furniture is stable and strong for many years to come with these impressively tough pump & bases.

Have a favorite made in the USA product? Let us know in the comments!

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  • Katie Stiegler