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Battle Of The Salon Chairs I: Glitz vs. Geo

Battle Of The Salon Chairs I: Glitz vs. Geo

Two of our newest chairs, Glitz Salon Chair and Geo Salon Chair, have some similar qualities but striking differences. They're both structurally sound, so it comes down to aesthetics of preference. So, tell us: which one is superior?

 The Glitz Salon Chairs VS The Geo Salon Chair

Here are some key differences and similarities:

The Buttons

You gotta love the puckered buttons on both of them. Do you prefer the quantity from the Glitz or simplicity of the Geo which are also deeper in the cushion? Also, the Glitz hair chair has a flat seat and Geo does not.

The Arms

One of the most significant differences is the arms. The hardwood arm rests on the Geo are a big distinction from the upholstery covering of the Glitz, which has a flowing, elegant appearance while the Geo strays from its path to offer a distinctive, beautifully jarring attitude.

The Footrest

Which letter do you prefer: T or U? The T shaped footrest of the Glitz gives your foot freedom as the U of the GEO gently holds your feet in position. Your feet can either live on the edge or be complacent in safety and protection. 

Overall Assessment

As both have trivial differences that come down to your personal tastes, decide what mood you want your shop to invoke in your customers. Both hair chairs reek of unsurpassed beauty salon modernity that will surely turn client’s heads and impress their senses. Pretty intense, right?


Who is the winner?

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  • Cody McConnell