Announcing New Website Launch

New Website launch for Keller International

 Announcing New Website Redesign and Launch

We did it! This has been a long time coming, and finally, we are excited to announce the official launch of our new website at!

Not only have we changed our URL, but we did a complete website redesign. Our intent was to create an overall better shopping experience for our customers by utilizing modern technological capabilities and usability. In short, this site works really great. Our new website has several great new features:


Mobile is progressively becoming the device of choice when it comes to internet browsing, so we knew we had to make our site more mobile-friendly. By organizing and condensing content, the site is much more navigable on devices with smaller screens. Furthermore, the time it takes for the website to load has drastically improved. Now, shopping with your phone or tablet will run very smoothly. Tap and scroll away!

Better Access

It’s much easier to see where you should click since we’ve condensed our categories into New Arrivals, Accessories, Parts, and Sales. Also, you can scroll anywhere on the website and still have quick access to your Account, Cart, Wishlist, and Shipping Quote. It’s just easier when you don’t have to keep scrolling up and down to access the information you’re using while shopping, so it’s placed at the top of your screen at all times. No more infinite paths and links to click when you want to find what you are looking for. Pretty convenient, eh? 

New Features

Want to see what we’re doing on Social Media or Meet The Team behind the Keller business? Now you can! The bottom of the website has links to follow us on our social media channels, and if you click the Why Keller? link, you can learn a little bit more about us and the business. Plus, you get to see the faces behind Keller! We’ve streamlined your Check Out experience so you can spend less time purchasing and more time enjoying your products. You can review products to tell others about your personal experiences and help them figure out what items they should purchase. Also, we've improved our online chat experience! There are several more new features, so let us know which you like the most, and we will continue to add more! 

At Keller, we care about giving our customers the best service and experience possible, as well as fantastic prices for high-quality products. Also, we want to get to know our customers, so we hope for an opportunity to connect with you soon.

We welcome you to our new website and hope you all enjoy this new experience!