Hot Seasonal Hair and Halloween Ideas

Hot Seasonal Hair and Halloween Ideas



It’s officially October! That means it’s officially fall and that means Halloween and new hair trends for the season. Every year has a multitude of new hair trends, but each season also comes with new styles and colors as well. The general rule is light in the spring and summer and dark in the fall and winter. But, with the new colored hair trend, do you still go dark in the winter or are there specific colors that you should put in your hair?

After taking a look at Paris Fashion week, and the newest trends the celebrities are rocking we’ve got a pretty good idea of what the best looks for the season are going to be. So we can give you an idea of what you need to stock more of and what you can suggest to people that want to change their hair but don’t know what they want. If you plan on offering Halloween hair, make up or nails we’ve got you covered on what to expect this year.


Fall Hair Trends – Hair Color

Seasonal hair isn’t just about changing with the seasons; it’s about fitting in with your surroundings and not looking out of place. With seasons like fall and winter it is expected that it will be darker outside and therefore your hair should be darker to match.

While this is still the case there are some additional features that should be added to keep on trend, and there are a couple that are going to break this
Pastel Mermaid Hair rule. For example, putting honey colored highlights on dark hair helps give the hair a lot of dimension but also gives lightness to the hair without losing the dark element needed for fall and winter.


Another trend that is breaking this idea that hair must be dark is the pastel hair colors trend. Pastels are very light and really don’t fit the idea of blending in with the dark colors surrounding the winter season. However, they are on trend and they are very pretty when done correctly.

Generally the colors that are most associated with fall and the colder seasons are black, dark brown and for blondes that can’t go fully dark, a color that is now being deemed “bronde”. For those of you that are confused, bronde is a style in which brunette low lights are added to blonde to create an overall blended color that looks naturally brunette and blonde at the same
Colored Ombretime.

In addition to this, the color craze has opened the door for new hair trends to thrive abundantly, such as the reds and burgundies, but also the blues. These colors still fit in with the darker hair trend but they are fun and funky and way more modern than a plain brown dye. You also can see the colors put into an ombre to create a look with dimension that also creates a stunning visual that combines dark and light. With these trends rolling in this fall definitely make sure you’re stocked up on these types of colors. 

Fall Hair Trends – Hair Cuts

Fall hair trends don’t end with the color. There are always new cuts and styles to try out with each new season. This year bangs of all different types are in style. From fringe bangs to blunt bangs and piece-y bangs there is a look for every one that wants bangs. Since all of these types of bangs are in style, it’s easier to match every one’s face type. There’s more to new haircuts than adding bangs though!

One of the latest trends, as seen on Kylie Jenner, is the long bob. Since there are so many people that take their style information from the Jenner and Kardashian family, you can expect a lot of people to want the type of bob that Kylie got. But as it grew out you can see many different types of bob that are consequently all in style. Another popular icon that has been known to rock the bangs with the bob is none other than Taylor Swift. While Kylie wears the new modern, long bob Taylor is known to wear the shorter more classic bob. But where Kylie is lacking in bang knowledge, Taylor is an expert. She has worn classy side bangs and blunt straight across bangs. Depending on the look she has the shag hair cut look with rocker bangs, or the neat classic bob with straight bangs to the eyebrows. These two show off many of the hair styles that are in this season.

Other noteworthy people with bangs are Ariana Grande, who has blunt bangs at the eye brows, and Rihanna, who has had straight bangs at the eyebrows, above the eye brows, she has also had really piece-y, and she has always been able to rock the side bangs. So now when someone comes in asking for bangs you are now armed with knowledge about what celebrities have bangs that you can show them so that they can describe what they want better.

Halloween Hair Ideas

With Halloween coming up, you’re probably wondering what you should
Grey Colored Hair Spraystock up on
to give everyone the hair that they need for their costume. As expected there will be many hair styles that need different hair colors, but not everyone is committed to the costume enough to actually dye their hair. Therefore, if you want to offer Halloween hair you should stock up on some wash out hair color that will only last a few days or colored hair spray that will come out in the shower, like the gray pictured to the right.



Another thing to think about is that many people will need very specific styles for their costume. For this reason, don’t forget to stock up on hair gel and hair spray. You’re going to need it. Some accessories that you can choose to stock are some little butterfly clips to match the golden butterflies from the Snapchat filter, some ribbons for tying into hair to give the illusion of gray hair, or to wrap hair like a mummy, some black and white fishnets that can be pinned into the hair for costumes like Morticia Addams or the Corpse Bride.

Something you can look into doing is wig styling. For those people that want the hair of their costume but don’t want to mess with their own hair. Give them the option to have their wig professionally styled so that it is absolutely perfect.

Our final Halloween themed hair idea is to offer “spooky” under cut designs to those that have an undercut or are getting one. This can also be offered to male clients with short hair. If you can find someone who is willing to have a design shaved into their whole head that’s even better!

Halloween Makeup Ideas

Calling all makeup artists, the perfect Halloween costume needs your help to be complete! If any of you are planning on going out on Halloween there’s no doubt that you’ve already started planning and gathering the makeup that you need to make your look absolutely stunning. What about your clients? They need your help to look just as fabulous as you on Halloween! But what do you need to stock up to help them do this?

Face paint, for sure. If anyone wants to be a vampire, Harley Quinn, the Joker or anyone that is pale or traditionally have a white face for Halloween you’ll need some white face paint for it. Dark lipstick is already on trend so you probably have some on hand, but it wouldn’t hurt to get some new darker shades and probably stock up on a bit more black and blood red to facilitate vampires and the rest of the undead.

As with the hair ideas above stock up on makeup that can mimic the Snapchat filters. Some of the things you might need for these types of makeup are purple for the galaxy filter, the colors of the rainbow for the puking rainbows filter, or some brown tones for the deer filter and the dog filter.

With the popularity of Pokémon GO! it would come as no surprise if people wanted Pokémon themed make up. This could include the original three starters and of course Pikachu. This would create a need for different colored face paints like blue, orange and green if they are looking for a full face look. If they aren’t looking for full face paint and are looking for a more subtle approach to being a Pokémon you will need varying shades of red, orange,
Zombie Effects Makeupgreen, blue, and yellow for the basic starters and Pikachu.

Something that would be really interesting and perfect for Halloween is effects make up. Being able to create giant teeth filled mouths for people, or making their flesh look like it is falling off or they have a giant gash will make any zombie costume flawless. But don’t forget that Disney characters are always in style and people need your help to be the perfect Disney character.

Fall/Halloween Nail ideas

For nails, you can generally assume that reds are always in. In fall however the specific red that many people will be looking for is a maroon or burgundy. Don’t forget to stock up on matte and glossy top coats for these as both are currently on trend. One of the more prominent nail trends that has transcended seasons is the nude nail polish. Expect this to stay in during the upcoming seasons.

Stock up on orange and black for painting autumn leaf designs into nails and
Fall Nail Designfor when Halloween rolls around and everybody wants a spider, spider web, or all black nails to go with their costume, but don’t forget a darker brown or a green in case somebody wants a pumpkin painted on!


Orange and gold glitters are a great way to brighten up nails during this season, especially if you can manage a glitter ombre nail. And of course, never forget the silvers and grays because those will always be staple accent colors.

What other trends have you noticed? What are you most excited to do for people this fall and Halloween?

Special thanks to @pala_foxxia and @jcharlesbeauty for some of the looks featured in this blog! And a huge shout out to Good Housekeeping for the snapchat filter Halloween makeup and hair ideas!

Article written by Veronyka Martinez





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