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Tax Time: Save A Ton For Your Business

Tax Time: Save A Ton For Your Business


For business owners, the end of the year is a reminder that it is almost time to take care of your taxes. Under the IRC (Internal Revenue Code) Section 179, the maximum expensing allowance limit for the 2016 tax season has increased from $25,000 to $500,000 for equipment purchased and paid by December 31st 2016 for your business. This is a huge relief and incredibly beneficial to have these constraints lifted! Now, you can pay less in taxes for significantly more equipment.

Even though you can deduct a lot more than 2015, we wanted to create a way to alleviate your financial burden even further. We’ve officially launched our 2016 15% Off Holiday Sale, a sale geared towards saving you a lot during an expensive holiday season. You can stock up on salon, barber, and spa equipment while maximizing your expense allowance. The more you buy, the more you save on your taxes.

We truly hope this deal is beneficial for you and your company by allowing you to get what you need for your business as well as being able to get things for friends and family! As business owners ourselves, we understand the importance of taking advantage of this money saving deduction.

Make sure to pay for your purchase in full by the December 31st deadline in order to deduct the equipment from your taxes.

Be warned, the deductions change from year to year, so you want to capitalize on this incredibly large expense allowance in case it changes again next year. Get more for your shop and still stay within your allotted deductions this holiday season!


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  • Cody McConnell