Heavy-Duty Barber Chairs

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Royalty Barber Chair
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Wholesale Barber Chairs for Sale: Modern, Classic & Unique Antique Styles

Your place for a unique barber chair that makes a great first impression in your shop. Longer lifetime value means more money in your pocket and a great buying experience. If you are sort on cash and looking to upgrade quickly, financing your barber chairs may be your best option. From Collins Manufacturing to Pibbs Industries, Keller offers the beauty industry’s favorite barber supplies, equipment, and wholesale  chairs within the continental USA and Canada. Our affordable prices help you turn the shop of your dreams into a reality. Be sure to check out our barber stations to complete your shop layout! 

Why Keller Barber Chairs?

Your barbershop needs to look stylish and your customers need to be comfortable, so ensure they love every second of their experience by equipping your business with reliable, luxurious, heavy-duty barbering furniture from Keller International. 

Create a nostalgic, classic look or modernize your appearances. Our classic style chairs contain a traditional reclining mechanism with smooth pivoting points that allow the armrests to glide back with the back cushion. Keller International chairs are custom designed, high in functionality, and manufactured with quality, heavy materials, resulting in a long lifetime value for your furniture.  Keller barber pumps are rated to 660lbs and with a chair top attached, they hold approximately 450lbs. 

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