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Belvedere Salon Equipment

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Belle Salon Chair by Belvedere
Belle Salon Chair
$ 990.00 $ 1,120.00
Darlington Tower Styling Station by Belvedere
Darlington Tower Styling Station
$ 2,898.00 $ 3,798.00
Look Salon Chair by Belvedere
Look Salon Chair
$ 445.00 $ 1,226.00
Mega Salon Hooded Box Dryer by Belvedere
Mega Salon Hooded Box Dryer
$ 199.00 $ 409.00
Electric Siesta Shampoo Chair by Belvedere
Electric Siesta Shampoo Chair
$ 1,575.00 $ 2,035.00
Amazon Wet Booth Station by Belvedere
Amazon Wet Booth Station
$ 1,319.00 $ 1,696.00
Belle Shampoo Chair by Belvedere
Belle Shampoo Chair
$ 428.00 $ 505.00
LTD Wet Booth Station by Belvedere
LTD Wet Booth Station
From $ 1,922.00 $ 2,496.00
Arch Plus Shampoo Chair by Belvedere
Arch Plus Shampoo Chair
$ 607.00 $ 743.00
Pacific Shampoo Backwash Unit by Belvedere
Pacific Shampoo Backwash Unit
$ 1,689.00 $ 2,189.00
Adara Vanity Styling Station by Belvedere
Adara Vanity Styling Station
$ 840.00 $ 1,054.00
Haley Tower Vanity Styling Station by Belvedere
Haley Tower Vanity Styling Station
From $ 972.00 $ 1,296.00

Belvedere USA Salon Equipment

The beloved Belvedere salon equipment company has been on the rise within the United States since the late 1920s! This dependable USA brand has made a lasting impression within the beauty industry with its innovative concepts and customary designs. Belvedere salon furniture is the largest manufacturer in North America! If you’re looking to upgrade your hair salon or barbershop with modern trends and industry requirements, look no further! They produce the finest cabinetry, desks and styling stations to allow you to perform at your ultimate best.