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Continuum Pedicure Spas

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Simplicity Spa Pedicure Chair by Continuum
Simplicity Spa Pedicure Chair SE
$ 2,999.00
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Pedicute Portable Spa Pedicure Tub by Continuum
Pedicute Portable Spa Pedicure Tub
$ 799.00
FREE Shipping
Deluxe Wood Technician Stool by Continuum
Deluxe Wood Technician Stool
$ 289.00
FREE Shipping
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Pedicute Liners by Continuum
Pedicute Liners
$ 269.00
FREE Shipping

For Quality Pedicure Chairs & Spas, Continuum Is Your Answer

A new standard of luxury nail services was created in 2006 with Continuum Pedicure Spa Chairs. This popular brand has taken the lead on its commitment to superior design and quality nail equipment. Made in the USA, these durable units feature quiet pipe-less jet technology, invigorating massage and are easy to clean. There are a variety of massage chair options and beautiful colors to choose from.

If you are looking for a plumbing free unit check out the Simplicity, with its removable easy-to-fill tub and massaging chair, this piece of salon equipment is a must have! If you are tight on space, take a look at the Pedicute, its portability is perfect for small spaces. So whatever your preferences are, choosing a Continuum pedicure chair will give you the ability to spoil your clients with ease!