Shampoo Area Equipment

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Electric Shampoo Chair
$ 1,779.00
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Kelsey Shampoo Chair
$ 769.00
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ADA Cigno Backwash Shampoo Unit
$ 2,799.00
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Versatile Shampooing Equipment: Backwash Units, Bowls, & Cabinets for Sale

Introduce your clients to the lap of luxury with a first-class beauty salon shampoo equipment! Our collection includes shampoo bowls, cabinets, and stations as well as European style shampoo backwash units. With simple affordable elements like our luxurious backwash units, you can create that unique ambiance you are after for your shampoo area.

Searching for a versatile unit with both station and shampooing bowl combined? Rejuvenate your professional shampooing area with a wet station. Shampoo in style with our classic wet booths! These are perfect for those seeking both storage, station space, and shampooing bowls combined in one design. Complete your salon shampoo area with an overhead towel cabinet to stock all hair products and microfiber salon towels. 

Whether you are a small boutique or large salon suite, we have all the shampoo chair essentials you need. Keller International shampoo bowls can be purchased for easy unit replacements. Ask a sales representative today about portable and plumbing free options!

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