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About Keller

Percentage of every purchase to Feed the ChildrenBecome a part of our beauty community. Keller is uniting the industry to bring more meaning to your salon equipment purchase. A percentage of every sale is donated to Feed the Children. Together we defeat hunger. Learn more about your purchase!

Keller International Salon Equipment Values You deserve the best. Since 1999, not only do we strive to give you an excellent experience, we work together to improve beauty salons, barber shops and cosmetology schools nationwide by supplying equipment and supplies that last and look great. Also, you'll love working with us. Learn our Keller values!

Our Keller International ClientsIt's because of you. You’ve been our source of inspiration, and we love making your businesses come to life. We've helped create visual inspirations for companies like ABC Studios, WWE, and cosmetology schools across the United States as well as the local mom and pop shop down the street. Get inspired by our Clients' Shops now!

Salon Equipment Keller International TeamGet to know our passions and quirks. More importantly, we all contribute to making your hair salon and barber equipment purchasing experience the best it can be. Meet our Keller Team!