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Our Team

Daisy Keller - Keller International

Founder and CEO, Daisy Keller merged her passion for creating inventive furniture with her beauty industry expertise to make Keller International come to fruition during the turn of the 21st century. She's also a proud member of the Division Minority and Women's Business Development. Aside from her investments and business lifestyle, she is a dedicated mother of twins and her adopted child, the sweet yellow Labrador, Royal III.

Daisy Keller, Founder and CEO

 Paul Keller

Our President's number one priority is the safety and functionality of your products. With Paul's engineering expertise, he's well-equipped and ready to take on any challenges, no matter how large or small the bolt or screw may be. The only thing Paul may not be able to fix is our inability to understand the technicalities of his work. Luckily for us, it's his forte.

Paul Keller, President

Chief Marketing Officer Cody Keller International

Career-driven and unconventional, Cody McConnell has brought innovative ideas which have yielded positive changes at Keller. His previous life filled with orange liberty spikes eventually transformed into a tight classic taper. Even though he loves metal and hardcore, he's in mosh retirement because powerlifting is much less painful.

Cody McConnell, Chief Marketing Officer

Katie Web Content Manager Keller International

From fine arts to digital media, Katie Stiegler's design versatility makes her a jack of all creative trades. As a bold social butterfly, she spends her free time embracing New York's intense winter weather by snowmobiling and keeping warm with a soothing bikram session. Depending on your terms of parting, it's Hasta Mañana or See Ya Never.

Katie Stiegler, Web Content Manager | Marketing Specialist

Graphic Designer Keller International Danielle

Do you follow us on social media? You've probably spoken to Danielle! You can find her making creative product videos and posting super fun pics on our Instagram. On her days off, she's all about capturing unforgettable moments with her Nikon, staying on top of the latest clothing trends, and being a cat-mom. She’s also a junky for seeing a new flick at the box office. Jam out to some Shania Twain & throwback 80s, because Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. 

Danielle Phelps, Graphic Designer | Marketing Specialist

Matt Keller International

Problem solving extraordinaire, customer "go-to," and highly revered as our own "Mr. Fix-It." Matt Christie is passionate about cooking the best Italian food this side of the pond, which is apparent after a taste of his fettuccine alfredo: a true reflection of meticulous culinary mastery. If you're put on hold with a technical question, you might be lucky enough to rock out to some old Genesis.

Matt Christie, Senior Tech Support

Tracy sales team representative

Friendly customer service? Tracy excels at it! One of her best traits is paying close attention to detail though she's a kid at heart! She's willing to do anything for her grandchildren, whether it be crawling on the floor acting as a domesticated animal or not, reading them a book or getting them to giggle just by shaking their hinee's.  They are her whole being. Find her summer gardening, keeping spring flowers lasting until fall, family time, caring for her “girls” ....yep that would be her chickens.

Tracy Napoleon, Sales Representative

Susan Knepple - Keller International

This friendly face is Susan! She's a true team player and is eager to help! This woman is an outdoors enthusiast! Susan loves to be in nature tending to her garden and on special occasions, loves to canoe out in the beautiful Adirondacks. When she's not at Keller she's spending time with her husband and her little fluff ball, Layla. You can be shore you'll see her by a lake this summer!

Susan Knepple, Sales Representative

 Shelley sales rep

Shelley is our hands on lady who isn’t scared to get down and dirty - especially camping in the great outdoors! She’s Keller’s right hand and we are blessed to have an onsite medic at our beck and call. This woman has been a firefighter for 11 years! If your pooch ever needs some attention, this dog whisper will be there!

Shelley Roegner, Sales Representative

edwiin bilingual sales rep

This happy guy is one of the biggest fans out there for the Buffalo Bills! Edwin's also a big fan of Lebron James & engaging with customers! You can find him jamming out to Kendrick Lamar and hanging out with his friends & family. He likes to go down to Florida once a year and every year we want him to take us with him!

Edwin Miranda, Sales Representative - Bilingual

Warehouse team at Keller International

LEFT: Artmemio Moreles-Maldonado, Shipping Coordinator. "Art" always has a smile on his face! He enjoys playing sports with his kids and loves to bring along his dog, Rocco! Art loves to build here at the warehouse and unwind at the end of the day with his wife and cheer on his teams the New York Giants & Yankees.

MIDDLE: Matthew Stevens, Warehouse Manager. This Mr.Fix-it loves being a dad to his son Jayden and husband to his lovely wife! He could tell you a lot about Dinosaurs since his son loves them so much! Matt loves to work with his team & to build hot rods in his spare time, his prize and joy was his 1972 Chevelle he built.
RIGHT: Leonard DeMor, Shipping Coordinator. "Lenny" is here to help! He likes being hands-on & putting parts together in the warehouse. This motorcycle enthusiast likes riding on his 2 beloved Harley's and hunt in his spare time! After a long day at work he likes to unwind and do some Hanging out, Down the street, while watching "That 70's Show."  

Warehouse Team

This adorable yellow lab is Royal. She comes into the office with her mom, Daisy, and makes sure everyone in the office is happy and smiling! She takes frequent naps, and eats lots of treats (She'll do about anything for a snack!) As Keller's unofficial mascot, she really enjoys hanging out with the team & we all enjoy her tail-wagging happy face!

Royal, Office Pooch