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Our Team

Daisy Keller CEO Keller International

Founder and CEO, Daisy Keller merged her passion for creating inventive furniture with her beauty industry expertise to make Keller International come to fruition during the turn of the 21st century. She's also a proud member of the Division Minority and Women's Business Development. Aside from her investments and business lifestyle, she is a dedicated mother of twins and her adopted child, the sweet yellow Labrador, Royal III.

Daisy Keller, Founder and CEO

 Paul Keller President Keller International

Our President's number one priority is the safety and functionality of your products. With Paul's engineering expertise, he's well-equipped and ready to take on any challenges, no matter how large or small the bolt or screw may be. The only thing Paul may not be able to fix is our inability to understand the technicalities of his work. Luckily for us, it's his forte.

Paul Keller, President

Cody McConnell Chief Marketing Keller International

Career-driven and unconventional, Cody McConnell has brought innovative ideas which have yielded positive changes at Keller. His previous life filled with orange liberty spikes eventually transformed into a tight classic taper. Even though he loves metal and hardcore, he's in mosh retirement because powerlifting is much less painful.

Cody McConnell, Chief Marketing Officer

Emily Brown Office Manager Keller International

Emily's ecofriendly tendencies provide Keller with a little more green love. She is unknowingly living her dream to become a teacher by providing thorough training and guidance in all areas of customer sales. Volunteering, hiking, and gardening keeps this Irish lady grounded. Speaking of grounds, her coffee is capable of waking the dead.

Emily Brown, Office Manager

Katie Stiegler Web Content Manager Keller International

From fine arts to digital media, Katie Stiegler's design versatility makes her a jack of all creative trades. As a bold social butterfly, she spends her free time embracing New York's intense winter weather by snowmobiling and keeping warm with a soothing bikram session. Depending on your terms of parting, it's Hasta Mañana or See Ya Never.

Katie Stiegler, Web Content Manager

Matt Christie Senior Tech Support Keller International

Problem solving extraordinaire, customer "go-to," and highly revered as our own "Mr. Fix-It." Matt Christie is passionate about cooking the best Italian food this side of the pond, which is apparent after a taste of his fettuccine alfredo: a true reflection of meticulous culinary mastery. If you're put on hold with a technical question, you might be lucky enough to rock out to some old Genesis.

Matt Christie, Senior Tech Support

Josh Carlson Fulfillment Coordinator Keller International

Keller's very own warm-blooded Iron Man who's impenetrable during the cold winter warehouse months! As an environmental science post-grad, Josh Carlson finds his bliss within the woods via hunting, fishing, and taking part in any wildlife recreation known to man or beast. As a team player and leader, Josh takes pride in working one-on-one with each of his colleagues to schedule packaging and execute shipping in the most efficient manner, ensuring the timely arrival of our equipment and furniture.

Josh Carlson, Fulfillment Coordinator

Phil Way Inventory Manager Keller International

Without the excitement of experimentation, Phil would be retired by now. With his driving passion, he analyses all sample equipment down to the nitty-gritty, and from time to time he proposes a second-generation model. He's here to help you receive the best innovative products the beauty industry has to offer, with many years of experience! Phil also keeps our capacious warehouse organized. Off the clock, he's enjoying the finer things... AKA a corona in hand while boogieing out to live bands and the legendary Cream.

Phil Way, Inventory Manager