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Our Valued Customers

Keller International has provided opportunities for countless salons, barber shops, and spas to flourish for over 15 years. Whether you're self-employed, an entrepreneur, or representing a television show, Keller has provided high-quality furniture and equipment to all walks of life for nearly two decades.

Keller International Famous Clients

Denny Moes Barber Shop
Denny Moes BarberShop, NYC

Avian Salon and Spa
Avian Salon and Spa, Webster NY

Lumari Salon and Spa
Lumari Salon & Spa, Massachusetts

Jurs Barber Shop
Jurs Barber Shop, Gates NY

Mr. Scissors Barbershop
Mr.Scissors Barbershop, California

Rosewater Day Spa
Rosewater Day Spa and Salon, Greece NY

Prestigious Barbershop
Prestigious Barbershop, Florida

Craigs Barber Shop
Craigs Barber Shop, Hilton NY

Truly Pampered Salon and Spa, New York

Edward Johnson Salon
Edward Johnson Salon, Virginia

Bahama Bay Salon
Bahama Bay Salon and Spa, New York