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Professional Hair Tool Holders

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Salon Appliance & Barber Clipper Holders

Get your salon and barber shop organized today! View our fantastic collection of salon appliance holders. Keep your clippers, hair dryers, flat irons, and curling irons untangled and undamaged. Your barber clippers will stay rust-free and running well with our convenient clipper cases or highly demanded Barbermate Clipper Holders available in several sizes. Have tangled cords or appliances? Try the any of our Barbermate holders for easy organization! Clipper blades are fragile and easy to break, and blades can become unclean from microorganisms lying in drawers.

The Barbermate organizes clippers and tools, de-tangling cords to keep them free from damage, and keeps blades clean and uncontaminated! Our metal holder insert contains a heat resistant steel inset tube for reliable curling iron storage. Save time, space and effort with Keller International appliance holders. Take a look at our salon and barbershop accessories all in one place to make your beauty shop a success! Also check our customers page for organization and inspirational ideas.