Pedicure Bowls

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Pedicure Tubs

The most relaxing form of pedicure begins with a perfectly executed foot soak, and you’ll need a quality pedicure bowl to give your clients that experience. Pedicure tubs don’t just provide your nail artists access to a client’s feet; they also help set the stage for an all-around pampering. Keller offers several different types of pedicure products, including stylish glitter bowls and even specialized pedicure bowls with footrests. So don’t miss out on an opportunity to make your pedicure stations as accommodating and comfortable as possible. We sell disposable pedicure bowl liners as well to ensure easy cleaning and hygiene between appointments. Perform your best nail salon services and dial luxury up to ten with our beautiful collection of portable pedicure bowls and tubs, as well as additional liners and pedicure platform options. Shop our selection of products below.