Your Modern Barber, Salon & Spa Equipment Provider

Our story

Keller International was born from an idea that beautiful, on-trend and long-lasting equipment should be available to everyone regardless of budget or location. Starting out of a small garage in 1999, Keller was one of the first e-commerce Barber and Salon equipment companies in the United States. We understand what goes into starting and running a successful small business because we’re doing it alongside you. It’s our mission to provide a consistent, reliable level of service to alleviate the stress of growing your business. We have a dedicated passion for the Barber and Beauty community that has driven us for the past 20 years and will continue to drive us for the next 20 years and beyond.


We wouldn’t exist without you, so thank you for your years of trusting us as your equipment provider. We’re continually building our brand to reflect your individuality and provide you with the tools to have a modern, eye-popping aesthetic for years of business use. We appreciate you, welcome your feedback, and hope to serve you for years to come.


Daisy Keller

CEO & Owner