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New Salon Equipment & Barber Furniture

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Wavelength Reclining Salon Chair by Keller International
Wavelength Reclining Salon Chair
From $ 499.00
FREE Shipping
Starlet Hollywood LED Vanity Mirror by Keller International
Starlet Hollywood LED Vanity Mirror
$ 359.00
FREE Shipping
Artisan Styling Station by Keller International
Artisan Styling Station
$ 659.00
FREE Shipping
Craftsman Reception Desk by Keller International
Craftsman Reception Desk
$ 899.00
FREE Shipping
Queen Salon Chair by Keller International
Queen Salon Chair
From $ 399.00
FREE Shipping
Diamond Technician Task Chair
Diamond Technician Task Chair
$ 249.00
FREE Shipping
Grand Reception Desk by Keller International
Puckered Reception Desk
$ 799.00
FREE Shipping
Diamond Spa Pedicure Chair by Keller International
Diamond Spa Pedicure Chair
$ 2,599.00
FREE Shipping
Diamond Pedicure Stool by Keller International
Diamond Pedicure Stool
$ 129.00
FREE Shipping
Saloon Backwash Unit by Keller International
Saloon Backwash Unit
From $ 899.00
FREE Shipping
Dynasty Reception Loveseat
Dynasty Reception Loveseat
$ 699.00
FREE Shipping
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New Barber Equipment & Salon Furniture: Chairs, Styling Stations & Pedicure Spas for Sale

Stay ahead of the game with the hottest and newest beauty salon and barber shop equipment and furniture inventions to date. Your customers will remember their experience with you because of their fresh, new looks when they leave your shop. However, having perfect comfort and aesthetics will give them something else to talk about. Keep them coming back to you because of your skills and also the effort you put into making your shop look professional and sleek. Be sure to ask a sales representative about any additional savings on new hair salon equipment arrivals!

Whether you are just opening, expanding, or upgrading your shop to offer your clientele a comfortable and luxurious experience, Keller International's got you covered with the best options on the market. Browse our selections of classically inspired barber chairs to Collins hair processing dryers created with infrared technology. We're constantly bringing in brand new salon and barber equipment arrivals, so continue checking back to see what's the current hottest trend!