Salon Stations

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Lumineux LED Double Sided Styling Station
$ 1,899.00
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Illuminated LED Backlit Mirror
From $ 199.00 $ 299.00
York Single Sided Styling Station II
$ 1,259.00 $ 1,359.00
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Revolutionary Hybrid Salon Station
$ 599.00
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Treasury Double Sided Styling Station
$ 950.00
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Refined Wet Booth
From $ 699.00
Fitz Styling Station
$ 1,090.00
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York Double Sided Styling Station II
$ 1,399.00 $ 1,499.00
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Darlington Tower Styling Station
$ 3,398.00
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Alta Formula Styling Station
$ 2,099.00
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Haley Wall Mounted Styling Station
$ 607.00
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Treasury Single Sided Styling Station
$ 850.00
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NEO 40hi Portable Styling Station
$ 989.00
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Amati 360 Mirrored Styling Station
$ 2,299.00
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Extra Wet Booth Station
From $ 2,599.00
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Dual Posh Salon Hardwood Station Mirrors
$ 339.00 $ 359.00
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Edge Barber Wet Station
$ 2,199.00
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Versa Rollabout Station
From $ 1,109.00
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Glitz Styling Station
$ 695.00 $ 950.00
Haley Vanity Styling Station
$ 879.00
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Haley Tower Vanity Styling Station
$ 1,049.00
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Undercut Barber Station
From $ 795.00 $ 1,299.00
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Hair Salon Stations & Barber Stations: Wall Mounted, Freestanding, LED Makeup Mirrors & Double Sided Styles

Durable, high-quality furniture that will last and give you the room you need. Enhance your shop’s character with our collection of beauty salon and barber styling stations that will make your shop stand out from the rest. The NEW upcoming LED mirrors are lighting up the beauty world to better help you meet color requirements and detailed works of art. You are able to create a lighting environment with multiple options as well as purchase salon mirrors separately. 

Here at Keller, we provide a wide variety of high-quality salon furniture to reflect your individual style. If you are looking for space-saving options, we suggest our wall mounted or double sided styling stations to make the most out of your working environment with an impressive selection.

Add a touch of class with one of our hardwood styling stations that include luxurious granite tops and plenty of storage space to keep your hair tools. With so many practical options, you can create an atmosphere that is as uniquely yours and will excite your clientele. For larger spaces, we offer single sided styling stations with elegant designs and fine detailing, which are sure to make a statement. Call a sales representative today to inquire about our current monthly specials!

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