3 Benefits of Using Salon Chairs in Your Tattoo Parlor

3 Benefits of Using Salon Chairs in Your Tattoo Parlor

Salons and tattoo parlors help people better express themselves. They give people the opportunity to change and add to their physical identities with creativity. On top of providing similar services in varying ways, these types of businesses can share more than the ability to alter one’s appearance. They can also use the same furniture. Here are three benefits of using salon chairs in your tattoo parlor and how to make the most of them for your needs.


1. Guaranteed Durability

Hair maintenance is a popular market. No matter the salon appointment—haircuts, color corrections, or perms—hair services cover a wider population and age group than those heading to a tattoo shop. The high demand for services means salons greet and seat more people daily.

Salon chairs feature high durability to withstand intense and frequent usage. They also include strong and resistant materials, like PVC vinyl, to better hold out against the heat of styling tools and the chemicals in certain hair products. Salon chairs give you durable, long-lasting furniture equipment that’ll also resist the wear and tear of a tattoo parlor, from ink spillage to punctures from sharp needles.


2. Enhanced Functionality

Working on a person greatly differs from painting on a canvas or coloring in a sketchbook. It involves getting into abnormal positions to best reach the intended surface space—hair or skin. All-purpose barber chairs have enhanced functionalities that allow you to adapt your workspace to better meet your needs.

They come with recline, swivel, and height-adjusting properties, making it easier to reach and work around your clients. Using a barber and salon chair in your tattoo studio gives you a customizable, efficient, and functional workstation.


3. More Style Variety

Specialized tattoo chairs tend to come in one specific style: plain, black leather (or a similar alternative) material. They also feature a bulky structural design.

Salon chairs, on the other hand, come in many style variations. They offer a broader color selection, multiple structural designs—varying in arm and footrests, back support, and shape—and several functional and stylish upholstery options. Using an all-purpose barber chair for your tattoo business allows you to better enhance your studio aesthetically. It opens the door to curating a set brand identity, a specific atmosphere, and a more customized interior design.

There are many benefits of using salon chairs in your tattoo parlor. They provide you with high durability, enhanced functionality, and style variety for a more economically efficient alternative to specialized tattoo furniture. Explore a range of salon furnishing fit for various uses at Keller International and equip your business with quality pieces.


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