Best Barber Chairs of 2021

3 Best Barber Chairs of 2021

If you’re a barber, you know that the quality of your barber chair is an important part of the experience for your customers. Even if you’re a skilled barber and great at providing customer service, the details still make a world of difference in the customer experience. Make sure that you choose your chairs wisely. Here are three of the best barber chairs for sale to consider in 2021.

1.     Anastasia Barber Chair

Anastasia Barber Chair

Why get just any ordinary barber chair when you can get something showstopping? The Anastasia Barber Chair will impress every customer in your shop. It will separate you from the competition!

If you want a truly eye-catching barbershop chair, this is definitely the best option. The pink upholstery and rose gold chromed metal will make all of your clients feel like royalty! The opulence is in the details with the tufted buttons and the geometric pattern on the cast aluminum frame. When someone enters your business, their eyes will immediately be drawn to the uniqueness of this chair.

Anastasia Barber Chair

Just because this chair is visually stunning doesn’t make it anything less than pure comfort. The plush seat will keep all your guests supported and relaxed at the same time. The adjustable headrest, ankle rest, and calf rest all enhance the relaxing experience that your clients will love. The single lever allows your clients to recline to a smooth 45-degree angle. All 200 pounds of this gorgeous chair is positioned on a heavy cast iron NG1 pump and steel base with a black cover for an added layer of protection.

Just like with any chair from Keller, you can expect the utmost quality from this product. If you settle for cheap chairs like the ones on Amazon, you’re going to sacrifice on quality. Those chairs will be flimsy, not as comfortable, and not as long-lasting. This means your customers won’t have the same positive experience in your barbershop and you may have to replace your chairs more quickly than you’d like. When you buy a quality chair like the Anastasia Barber Chair, you’re making a long-term investment in your barbershop or salon and the comfort of your patrons.


2.     Blackout Barber Chair

Blackout Barber Chair

If you want a sleek modern-looking chair, there’s no better choice than this Blackout Barber Chair. Any furniture item that’s all black is automatically the epitome of professionalism. And this chair is the mattest, blackest black that looks stunning in any environment!

The neutral color means this chair can go with a wide variety of aesthetics. So, whether your salon has a minimalistic style or something that’s totally out-of-the-box and colorful, this chair will complement your aesthetic nicely. It’s the little details that can make a big difference in furniture. That’s why this chair has tufted buttons that add just a little pizzaz.

Blackout Barber Chair

Getting a haircut or a shave doesn’t have to be just a necessity to cross off your to-do list. With the right service and atmosphere, it can be the highlight for your customer’s day. But you need the right barber chairs to make this happen! The Blackout Barber Chair is the epitome of comfort. Whether your guests want a free therapy session with their haircut and talk through their problems or they’d rather get a shave in silence, this chair can take ordinary barber appointments and make them feel like spa visits! No matter how long your clients have to stay in their chair, they will remain comfortable.

These chairs can hold up to 500 pounds, providing ample support for all your guests. The calf rest flips up so the client can choose whatever position is most comfortable for them. There’s a calf rest and armrest, and each one is padded for optimal support and relaxation. All these rests also have cast aluminum frame detailing. Again, with this chair, you’re paying for value that will serve you well for years to come.


3.     Adams Barber Chair

Adams Barber Chair

If you’re looking for another sleek, modern option, opt for the Adams Barber Chair. This chair comes in classic black to go with virtually any barbershop décor. It also comes in red if you’re wanting something that pops! It’s bold, it’s powerful, and it will immediately become the focal point of your barbershop, which is exactly what your barber chairs should be.

The diamond double stitch design on the upholstered chair top makes the already-elegant design even more so. The metal accents are attractive and durable. Every stitch of this chair will look great for years to come because it’s created with the finest level of craftsmanship and the highest-quality materials.

Adams Barber Chair

The armrests and calf rest are padded for a superior level of comfort. The headrest with chrome panel is fully adjustable so your clients can position themselves in the way that they feel is most comfortable or you can position them in a way that’s most convenient for your work. Your patrons can sit back, kick their feet up, and relax after a hard day’s work. A single lever allows you to recline the chair to a 45-degree angle with ease.

The superior quality and functionality of this chair are evident in the NG1 hydraulic base. Weighing in at 180 pounds, this chair is lighter than some of our other options. However, don’t mistake the lighter weight for a lack of sturdiness. The Adams Baber Chair still has the capacity to support up to 500 pounds. While this chair is a more affordable option from Keller, it’s still the same amazing quality you’d expect!


Browse an Endless Variety of Barbershop Chairs from Keller

Any of these chairs will be a fantastic addition to your barbershop or salon. But if none of these are quite right for you, Keller has a wide variety of other barber chairs for sale to suit all kinds of preferences. No matter what style you’re looking for or what your budget is, you can expect only the highest-quality barber chairs from our experts.


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