3 Reasons Your Salon Needs Hooded Hair Dryers

3 Reasons Your Salon Needs Hooded Hair Dryers

One of the critical steps of any hair appointment comes at the end. Giving your client a blowout gives them that extra bit of pampering we all love. While you should have a hand blow drier in the salon, you also need some hooded dryers for styling. Below we’ve explained the reasons your salon needs hooded hair dryers. 

Less Damaging to Hair

As we know, too much exposure to hot tools like hair dryers, straightens, and curling irons can damage the hair. Clients who come into your salon expect to leave with nothing less than beautiful, healthy-looking hair. After all, you’re the expert. Many individuals turn to their stylists for advice on caring for their hair and preventing damage.

Since overhead driers are less damaging, it shows clients that your salon is top quality—and that you know what’s best for hair health. Why are these superior to the standard blow drier? Because this type of dryer keeps the air evenly distributed rather than focusing the heat on a single spot.

Dries Hair Faster

Having to blow dry your clients' whole head of hair can take a while, especially if they have thick or long hair. Overhead driers help reduce this time partially because the air remains evenly distributed rather than focusing on a single spot at a time. As a result, all their hair can dry at once.

Many clients also prefer overhead driers because they dry faster, which can also mean shorter appointments. Additionally, they can go on their phone or kick back and relax while sitting under the overhead drier, knowing they’ll leave the salon looking amazing!

Pro Tip

Overhead dryers are also more efficient in the salon since they allow you to tackle other tasks while your client sits under them. While one client sits, you can give another a fast cut or wash to reduce the overall wait time.

Ideal for Some Hair Types

The final reason your salon needs hooded hair dryers is that every hair classification has differing care requirements. Curly hair and other hair types with low-moisture levels benefit most from hooded driers because this drying method keeps it hydrated. Applying high heat levels to curly hair can eliminate moisture and lead to frizzing, which no one wants.

Expert stylists also recommend using overhead dryers when foiling or putting rollers into hair because it leads to the optimal results you and the client wants.

Buy the Best Driers

Keller sells stylish hair salon dryers that will look amazing in your salon. Our products sell at a great value, so any salon owner can easily make this upgrade to their business. Ensure your salon is the optimal environment for clients to relax in as you make them feel even more gorgeous. With styling tools like these, it’s easier to take care of any customer who walks into your beauty shop!


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