3 Tips to Design a Functional and Attractive Styling Station

3 Tips to Design a Functional and Attractive Styling Station

Functional workspaces enhance productivity and performance. Attractive workstations exude comfort, appeal, and heightened customer experiences. When you combine functional workspaces and attractive workstations, you get a recipe for success. Explore Keller’s top three tips on designing a functional and attractive styling station to enhance your salon for your stylists and clients.

1. Maximize Space With Storage

Spacious workstations offer both attractive and functional qualities. The added room gives stylists lots of mobility and a space free from tripping hazards and performance limitations. Open and clutter-free spaces also generate a lot of visual appeal. They look clean, organized, and inviting.

Maximize space with styling stations equipped with multiple storage solutions. Styling carts, desks with lots of drawers, and shelving provide plenty of organization options that enhance a workstation’s functionality and attractiveness. Storing all your essentials in a designated place makes finding and accessing tools easier, all while keeping surfaces open and clean.

2. Create Aesthetic Cohesiveness

Mismatched spaces generate a lot of visual clutter. The varying textures, colors, and styles overwhelm the senses. Creating a cohesive aesthetic styling station generates a space that flows easily and satisfies the eyes and mind.

Coordinated spaces are easier to navigate, exude comfort, and establish a specific image brand that gives your salon a distinct identity. Stick to a specific aesthetic when designing your salon’s styling stations to achieve a cohesive space that’s functional and attractive.

3. Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional equipment and furniture offer lots of benefits, making them valuable additions to your salon. A styling station with a vanity conjoined with a mirror saves you from making multiple purchases and eliminates the need to puncture your walls with nails. Styling carts give you lots of mobility and double as storage spaces and work surfaces. Wall-mounted styling stations free up floor space like a shelf but function as a desk and countertop. Invest in multifunctional salon stylist stations for practicality and aesthetics!

Your stylists’ workstations influence your salon’s reputation, productivity, and performance, making workstations important features for the success of your business. Design a functional and attractive styling station with these three tips and enhance your salon with ideal workspaces for your staff.


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