4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Salon Equipment Sanitary

4 Easy Ways To Keep Your Salon Equipment Sanitary

Hundreds of clients walk through your salon doors every day; some want to look their best, and others simply want a day to pamper themselves. While this is great for your staff and even better for your business operations, it doesn’t change the fact that germs are always along for the ride.

Salon equipment can accumulate millions of bacteria and germs from the people and environment around them. So, if you want to keep your business a safe and healthy place, it’s vital that you know how to cut back on these nasty organisms. Here are some easy ways to keep your salon equipment sanitary daily.


Keep Sanitization Supplies Close By

If you’re trying to incorporate better sanitization practices into your salon, the first thing you should do is keep the necessary cleaning supplies within reach of your technicians. Things can get busy in your salon throughout the day, and ensuring these items are nearby encourages your team to use them more often. Should they need to go look for them, they’re less likely to go out of their way, making for a less hygienic workstation. For this reason, always put sanitizing wipes and sprays out for your team and frequently remind them where they’re located.


Perform Wipe Downs Between Appointments

It can also help to have your team perform full station wipe-downs between each appointment. No one wants to sit in a salon chair that someone else was sitting in, and sanitizing right away can do wonders for a client’s comfort while they’re in your care. Additionally, by routinely disinfecting these surfaces, you’re drastically reducing the spread of bacteria and preventing potential illness from taking hold in your techs and future patrons.


Provide Clients With Hand Sanitizer

Another easy way to keep your salon equipment sanitary throughout the day is to offer your clients hand sanitizer or wet wipes upon entry. A person’s hands have one of the highest concentrations of bacteria on the body, especially if they’ve been out and about all day. This high concentration of bacteria is due to the accumulation of more germs with every surface they touch, including those in their car and on your salon’s exterior door. Giving clients something to kill those organisms can drastically reduce their numbers and prevent transfer between your equipment. Therefore, your supplies can stay clean for much longer.


Make Sanitization a Closing Ritual

As you close up your salon for the evening, perform one final cleaning. There’s no telling what the next day could have in store, and in the event of a busy morning, you don’t want to miss out on cleaning your equipment. Sanitizing everything before closing ensures each item is in useable condition come morning and gives you confidence in the overall safety of your business.

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