4 Things Every Nail Tech Should Have at Their Table

4 Things Every Nail Tech Should Have at Their Table

Ideal workstations give you a central hub to work from. They provide you with a work surface and easy access to all your job essentials. They cut out the time you would otherwise have to spend maneuvering around the workplace, searching for your various tools, and scattering items in multiple storage spaces in different locations. They keep everything you need and all tasks centered around one designated spot, maximizing space, time, and productivity.

Transform your manicure tables into a one-stop-shop workstation with these four things every nail tech should have at their table.

1. A Set of Basic Manicure Tools

From nail drills and electric buffers to classic nail cutters and files, there are multiple possible tools needed to carry out a manicure. Depending on the client’s requests, certain nail jobs require more equipment than others.

Store a set of basic manicure tools at the table to provide the utmost fundamental equipment for any manicure request. Keep on hand the classic seven nail essentials: nail cutters, cuticle pusher, cuticle nipper, nail files, buffers, nail brushes, orange wood sticks, and an electric nail drill with exchangeable heads. Whether your clients request acrylics or simple gels, these manicure tools come in handy, regardless of the task.

2. Nail Polish Dryers

Nail polish dryers ensure your clients leave without smudged, dented, or compromised nails. They help a nail tech’s hard work cure well and stay put. They also work a lot faster than air drying, allowing you to quickly turn around customers.

Keep a nail fan and LED nail dryer at the desk to minimize the time you spend and the risks of moving your clients to a different location to dry their nails. Opting for built-in nail dryers and LED lights further enhances your manicure stations, saving storage and workspace.

3. A Quality Light Source

Too much sun exposure causes nail polish colors to fade, change, and diminish in quality over time. However, catering to the polishes’ storage needs leaves your professionals with dim indoor lighting.

Make sure all workstations get a substantial amount of lighting with a quality light source at the manicure desk. Equipping desk lamps at the table lets nail techs have more work light and allows them to adjust and customize their lighting to best suit their work needs.

4. Easily Accessible Safety Supplies

On-hand first-aid safety supplies, such as bandages, sanitation wipes, and antibacterial creams, ensure any minor emergencies at the workstation receive attention in a timely and efficient manner. Because of the nail cutters and drills, there are many possible accident sources when performing a manicure. Keep a basic first-aid kit at the nail technician’s desk and supply your spa’s workstations with efficient emergency responses.

Upgrade and properly prepare your spa’s workstations with these four things every nail tech should have at their table. From having the basic manicure tools and first-aid supplies to optimizing lighting and nail drying systems, many ways to make your nail technicians’ tables a maximized workstation exist.


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