4 Things To Consider When Buying Salon Shampoo Bowls

4 Things To Consider When Buying Salon Shampoo Bowls

Clean hair enhances your styling process and results, removing any residue build-up in the strands and giving you a fresh base. Working on freshly washed hair also reduces the chances of damaging and dirtying your styling tools.

Shampoo bowls equip your salon with a multipurpose tool that allows you to clean your clients’ hair and wash off dyes and treatments. They’re useful and essential equipment for your business, so it’s important to pick the right shampoo bowl for your space and needs. Consider these four things when buying salon shampoo bowls to make sure your choice enhances rather than hinders your salon or barber business.

Bowl Depth and Shape

Water spills cause health and safety issues, increase the likelihood of water damage to your space, and ruin your customers’ clothes and experience. Shampoo bowls that run deep and feature a design shape that effectively contains water splashes make the perfect bowl washing station for your business.

Deep and wide sinks reduce the risks of water splashing or overflowing the bowl rim, keeping your space and client dry. They also give you plenty of space to work with. The more room in the bowl, the easier it is to rinse and move any long hair while reaching all sides of your client’s head.

Customer Comfort

Where and how your clients rest their heads in the bowl affects their comfort level and overall experience. Although lying your head into a washing bowl is more comfortable than craning your neck over a sink or being half-in and half-out of the shower, it still makes for a fairly unnatural and awkward position. Shampoo bowls with padded neck rests, adjustable tilt functions, and seamless transitions with your washing station’s seating option enhance customer comfort.

Type of Plumbing Fixtures

Most plumbing fixtures are replaceable, including hoses, drains, handles, and taps. However, it’s a lot easier to just buy a washing bowl that’s equipped with fixtures that you like. The type of shower head, tap, and drain of your shampoo bowl influences the hairwashing process for both the stylist and the client.

Different shower and tap heads provide variable water control, pressure, and sprays. Some drains are more susceptible to clogs. The length of your shower head affects how you wash hair and what you can reach. Find a shampoo bowl that comes with plumbing fixtures that meet your needs and streamlines the hair-washing process.

Mount and Placement Options

How your shampoo bowl fits into your space alters the type of washing station you create. Shampoo bowls mounted onto chairs give you a one-stop washing station, but they take up a lot of space. Wall-mounted bowls give you more flexibility with chair choice but increase the risks of there being a gap between where the head rests into the bowl and the chair. Look for a bowl that fits into your space and meets your specific desires. Keller International offers many different barber shampoo station pieces that provide you with multiple shampoo bowl mount and placement options.

The type of shampoo bowl you invest in influences the success of your hair washes, affecting your results, equipment, and styling process. Take these four things into consideration when buying shampoo bowls for your salon or barber shop to guarantee better success.


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