4 Unique Ways To Modernize Your Styling Station

4 Unique Ways To Modernize Your Styling Station

Modern design concepts derive from Scandinavian architecture and feature minimalism and exposed structural elements. Additionally, they aim to combine style with function. Modern salons and barber studio interiors create an effortless professional atmosphere. They produce sleek and elegant appearances, offering many other beneficial qualities. Here are four unique ways to modernize your styling station and transform it into a professional space functionally and aesthetically.

Opt for Double-Sided Furniture

Double-sided styling stations allow you to furnish your salon with fewer pieces, saving space and money. The more space available and less visual clutter, the more modern the look, as it adheres to the design’s minimalistic aspects. Double-sided furniture also makes it easier to alter room layouts and clean, as it eliminates the number of items to keep track of.

Modern concepts aim to provide maximum functionality, ensuring nothing goes to waste and giving everything a purpose. Like technology, modern designs intend to enhance lives by making things easier. Double-sided furniture fits the end goal of the modern interior aesthetic.

Style With Popular Modern Design Elements

Boho interiors use a lot of color and textures. Industrial aesthetics use metals and concrete. Modern design elements include the following:

  • Neutral color palettes
  • Woods, stones, and metals in natural form
  • Dark hues
  • Minimalistic detailing
  • Open space
  • Exposed structures
  • Reflective surfaces
  • Lines over curves

Many design features comprise the modern aesthetic. Adding these style elements to your workstation allows you to produce the ideal style and express that to clients and onlookers.

Add Multifunctional Properties

Function plays a prominent part in the modern design concept. Equipping your workstations with multifunctional furniture and properties modernizes your workspace and offers many benefits. It saves space and equips your station with added features, improving your performance and productivity.

Popular multifunctional features to look for in a modern workstation include:

  • Ample built-in storage
  • Mobility (i.e., wheels)
  • Sufficient surface space
  • Two-in-one furniture (i.e., lighted mirrors)

Use Black, White, and Earthy Tones

Black, white, and earthy tones are the three major hues of the modern aesthetic. They make surfaces appear sleek and clean. Their simplicity and neutral tones also minimize visual chaos, displaying a cozier and professional appearance. To top it all off, black, white, and earthy tones complement other design details, making them a functional color palette, further meeting the goals of modern designs.

These four unique ways to modernize your styling station target the key features of a modern aesthetic, from its visual appearance to its philosophical aim. At Keller International, our modern styling stations meet all the requirements of modern standards. They offer dual and multifunctional properties, consist of neutral colors, and include various modern design elements. Check out our selection of styling stations, and upgrade your workspace with some innovative influences.


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