5 Nail Trends For Spring

5 Nail Trends Every Nail Salon Owner Should Know About This Spring

Even though spring may feel a long way off, the beauty and fashion worlds are already prepping to showcase new collections, trends, and statement-making pieces. This, of course, includes manicure and pedicure trends.

Not too long ago, gel nails replaced acrylics as the go-to for many customers walking into nail salons. In 2021, dip powder nails became the hottest nail trend due to outliving gel manicures but still being a gentler alternative to acrylics. New colors, nail shapes, and patterns also became popular in 2021, with more styles being introduced this year.

Being on top of nail trends is critical to positioning yourself as modern, comprehensive, and on the cutting edge as a nail salon owner. As trends shift in nails, it’s important to take a moment to ensure your salon is following suit. Keller nail salon furniture allows you to build a versatile experience for your clients, check out our collection of manicure tables, pedicure chairs and more.

Below are five upcoming Spring/Summer nail trends to incorporate into your services menu.

Pretty Pastels

Nail Trends

Pastels are always a color staple for spring, but the hues are going even softer this year. Think robin’s egg blue and faint pink. Nail salon staple brands like OPI, ORLY, and Essie have some light Spring hues for your customers to consider.

Consider showcasing a “color pick of the month” at the front of your salon to encourage customers to try the season’s most trendy shade.

By familiarizing yourself with trending styles, you stand out as a nail stylist and expert--and that keeps customers coming back again and again.

Going Green for Spring

Nail Trends For Spring Time

Green nails don’t necessarily sound like a spring trend and may bring images of Halloween or Christmas to mind.

Green nails, however, don’t have to be gimmicky or holiday-specific and are fantastic to align with new spring foliage and the season of rebirth. Gucci has released colors like “Miriam Mint” (a more pastel green) and “Melinda Green” (a deeper leafier green) to lead the trend.

These new nail looks were front and center at many Spring NYFW shows, including Tom Ford. Although you may not have the budget to buy Gucci nail color in bulk, Essie’s “Feelin Just Lime” offers a similar match and is a nail salon staple brand.

Nuanced Nail Accents

Nail Salon Equipment by Keller

Nail accents can be nuanced, and they can be bold. For spring, the more subtle nail accents are going to be what you mostly see on people’s nails. Single or double nail stickers that can be gel or acrylic may be on both middle or pointer fingers.

If not getting stickers, customers may want two nails on each hand to be painted in a subtle design to stand out from the rest, but not so much that the eye would wander too far from the other nails. Even one nail can be an accent nail– it does not necessarily have to be on both hands! For customers who are unsure which nail accent style to try for spring, nude and neutral nail accent colors are a great first pick for the season.

To add some accent to your salon space, check out our Nova Electric Fireplace, a true statement piece to add glitz and glam to your salon.

Funky French Manicures

Funky French Manicure Nail Trend For Spring

When you think of French manicure, simplicity, sophistication, and low maintenance style come to mind. This spring, the French manicure is taking a fresh, brighter direction with the introduction of two-tone shades and funky brilliant tips. Select colorful shades like green, pink, or purple for nail tips if painting with a clear base.

If going two-tone, combine standard colors seen in nature, such as yellow and green or blue and pink. Suggesting a fresh nail trend like the overhauled French manicure is sure to impress young hip crowds.

No Nonsense Neutrals

Neutral nail trend ideas

If the funky french manicure trend is bold and bright, the “no-nonsense neutrals” trend is on the opposite end of the spectrum. No matter what, there will always be those customers that will never want to stray too far away from classic, simple looks.

This particular group will love this understated, classic trend that is easy to maintain. Light peaches, tans, and the faintest pinks work best. Don’t forget to top the subtle color with a reliable topcoat, like the OPI Brilliant topcoat.

For that natural, organic style in your salon space, we have a selection of wood tone furniture that will add a warm, relaxing vibe for both manicure and pedicure use. Check out the Elora line on our site.


Planning for Spring

Remaining informed on the most current trends is integral as a nail salon owner. Because of the global pandemic, the aesthetics industry suffered greatly. Potential customers want to get out for self-care and self-maintenance so they can look and feel their best.

Possessing current insider knowledge is integral. It is also essential to optimize your salon space.

While you prep to offer the latest nail trends we discussed, also consider a salon space refresh with brand new manicure tables and pedicure chairs, like the Milan pedicure chair in blush pink–perfect for the season.

Have questions or want to talk shop? Reach out to us. We’ve been in the business for over 23 years.


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