6 Factors To Consider When Buying a Barber Chair

6 Factors To Consider When Buying a Barber Chair


Running a successful barbershop or salon is a rewarding experience. After all, there are few greater joys than providing services that make someone feel refreshed and beautiful. It’s essential to remember that barbershops and salons are businesses. Like any other business, they require certain things to stay on par with competitors and provide continual satisfaction to customers.

For instance, you will likely need to invest in new barber chairs at some point. They’re essential pieces of equipment that help facilitate the evolution of an establishment. When the time comes to purchase new barber chairs, understanding what makes an excellent chair is imperative. Read on to learn about the factors to consider when buying a barber chair.  

#1. Your Budget

Before you can select the perfect chair for your shop, you must understand what your budget is. There is a wide variety of chairs on the market, varying in size, design, and price. The best way to start narrowing your choices is to figure out your specific budget for purchasing them. If you have a lot of money, eliminate the cheapest options. This way, you can look through luxuriant selections more aligned with your needs.

Perhaps your budget isn’t as extravagant, but you have considerable money to spend. If so, it might be best to look at options that are high quality but not necessarily opulent. The idea is that knowing how much you can afford to spend on new equipment will help you make the best choice. This applies to all options, including economic, middle-of-the-road, and high-end products.

#2. Your Purposes

Once you have your budget sorted, it’s wise to contemplate your purposes for the barbershop chairs you intend to purchase. It’s no secret that you’ll be using them to help cut hair. But it’s important to remember that these chairs have all sorts of unique features that are valuable in applications outside haircuts. Consider the services you plan to provide with the assistance of your equipment.

Maybe your current chairs don’t recline very far. This makes it difficult to get the clean shave your clients are after. You may need comfier chairs at your shampooing stations, or you might need something with a little more lift to get a better view of your clients as you cut, style, and groom their hair. Whatever the case, barber chairs are available with various features that can help you accommodate all these things.

But you have to know the specific purpose for your new chairs before you can find the ideal equipment for your salon.

#3. Comfort Level

Knowing your price range and pinning down your purposes for new chairs is only part of the equation. The comfort level of the barber chair you buy is also worth considering. After all, your clients will be sitting in these chairs for long periods. Plus, you’ll have to lean, bend, and maneuver around them. As such, you want to ensure that whatever you go with is nice and comfy for you and your customers.

But how do you ensure the chairs you’re getting are comfortable? There are a few strategies, including:

  • Visiting the business you’re buying the chairs from and testing them out yourself (if it’s an option)
  • Reading online testimonials and customer reviews on their website and through third parties
  • Visiting the business’s official website and researching the chairs, materials used, and design

Doing these things will give you a solid idea of whether a particular chair meets the level of comfort you’re looking for.

#4. Quality and Durability

Quality and durability are other crucial factors to consider when deciding which barber chairs to invest in. We’ve already discussed the wide variety of chairs on the market. With that variety comes an array of quality and durability levels. Why do these characteristics matter? Because the higher quality your chair is, the more durable it is and the longer it will last you.

A great way to ensure a high-quality chair with a durable design is to assess the following things:

  • Quality of the build: What materials were used to build it?
  • Hydraulic pump and chair warranty: Is the pump sturdy and smooth?
  • Reclining capabilities: How far back does it lean? At what angle does it recline? Is the movement smooth?
  • Seat dimensions and weight capacity: Quality chairs can hold more weight and accommodate people of all sizes
  • Custom features: Does it have removable headrests? Does it have adjustable features?

You can also check for quality and durability through online product descriptions, customer testimonials, and third-party review sites. The point is that purchasing new barber chairs is an investment, so you want to ensure you’re buying something that is high-quality and will last a long time.

#5. Cleaning Requirements

Cleaning requirements may be less conspicuous than quality, durability, and comfort, but they’re still important characteristics to consider before purchasing your new salon chairs. This is because the amount of maintenance your chairs require will factor into your workload, budget, and business operations.

For instance, you may love those vintage-style cloth chairs while they’re fresh and clean, but what happens when you spill bleach, hair dye, or other products on that delicate fabric? Not only will you have to clean it, but you’ll also probably have to do so with special products. That’s if the spilled product hasn’t damaged the material. This process takes money out of your overall budget and time out of your busy schedule.

On the other hand, say you purchase a slick, faux leather barber chair with a protective water-wick coating. If you were to spill product on this chair, it would be much easier to clean, and there likely wouldn’t be any damage done. In this scenario, you’d save time and money. That’s why it’s crucial to contemplate what cleaning and care your chosen chairs might require.

#6. Aesthetic Value

Once you pin down a price range and find chairs that meet your comfort, quality, durability, and maintenance preferences, it’s time to look into which options have the aesthetic appeal you’re looking for. Part of an excellent salon experience is the aesthetic you foster for your customers.

You might want to produce a luxuriant environment using plump leather chairs with gold accents and a modern design. Or your tastes may lie with the classic matte, black chair with chrome features. Either way, the aesthetic value of the chairs you choose will impact your salon or barbershop’s interior style. Make sure to choose unique, stylish, and appropriate chairs for your establishment’s brand and signature style.

At some point, the time will come to invest in new barbershop chairs. When it does, you’ll need to consider the budget, design, and durability of the chairs before investing. Hopefully, this comprehensive guide provided some valuable information to help you make an informed decision when buying barber chairs.

6 Factors To Consider When Buying a Barber Chair


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