6 spring hair trends for 2022

6 Spring Hair Trends for 2022

Spring is an excellent season not just to refresh your living or workspace but also your hair. For salon owners, it is essential to be on top of the trends, and the spring trends for 2022 are a mix of minimalism and bold glamour. And just like hair fashion, our Keller chairs continue to evolve to meet industry trends - check out our Luna Styling Chair for a minimalist look and our Glam Styling Chair for a bold, fresh look.

Whether you or your clients want to make a subtle change or completely overhaul your look, these spring trends are fun and memorable.

Here are our top Spring Hair Trends for 2022!


1. Super Glam Layered Waves

Glam waves

Image courtesy of HAIR BOSS (@killahchanhair) • Instagram photos and videos

Glam never goes out of style, and this year, it is all the rage (which is why our Glitz Styling Chair is selling fast!). Why is glam so trendy this spring? Women are likely eager to feel extra chic after being locked into messy ponytails and buns for the last two years of the pandemic. Also, it is an easy and fun look to pull off, both as a stylist and as the person wearing it. Long, face-framing layers with a blunt cut are a sure way to rock the look.

2. Minimalist Hair

Minimalist Hair Style

Image courtesy of @irinashayk • Instagram photos and videos

Minimalist hair is not that different than the super glam look as it is a style that also requires long layers, but this look is less styled. This trend is all about loose, unstructured hair with thinner, textured ends and a sleek, less-is-more finish. This minimalist vibe pairs nicely with our Manhattan Salon Station.

3. Bob with Bangs

Bob with bangs haircut

Image courtesy of Emanuela (@emanuela_elysian) • Instagram photos and videos

This look is a bob haircut with bangs. Bangs should be blunt and cut even, while the bob should take a blunt look. For Stylist Magazine, celebrity stylist Tom Smith described the look like a progression of the French bob but focused on the fringe/bang area. It can be worn sleek or natural texture. How chic your clients will look with this cut, in this Denver Styling Chair!

4. The Hybrid Pixie

Pixie Hair Style

Image courtesy of Úrsula Corberó (@ursulolita) • Instagram photos and videos

This style may sound strange, but it’s futuristic and edgy. The hybrid pixie takes elements of a mullet and marries them with a pixie haircut. This hybrid cut, also known as the mixie, is about layers, fusing a mullet and pixie cut. It’s a trend, but springtime will peak as more people begin to feel comfortable wearing this alternative style. Speaking of hybrid, our all purpose salon chairs hit the mark for versatility and function - check out the Glam II All Purpose Chair

5. The Mid-Length Shag

Mid-Length Shag Hair Cut Style

Image courtesy of: UNTAMED LA | Los Angeles Hair🌴 (@untamedinstinct) • Instagram photos and videos

The mid-length shag pays homage to the 1970s looks made famous by the likes of Jodie Foster and Mick Jagger. It seems vintage, and throwback looks will never be in the past - just like our newest styling station collection, René. This contemporary take on the 1970s shag is androgynous in that it can work for short or long hair. Color Director Stuart Marsh of Taylor Taylor London remarked, “Our obsession with the '70s isn't going anywhere.” 

6. Natural Curls with Fringe

Natural curls with fringe style

Image courtesy of Curly Hair Salon Reno (@midtowncurls) • Instagram photos and videos

2022 is all about falling in love with natural hair textures and curls. To add a fringe to curly hair, stylists can create custom cuts to enhance curly strands. Each curl should be given TLC and carefully snipped to ensure a fringe look tailored to the specific hair texture. This look can be further enhanced with a touch of color. Coppers, burgundies, and reds are especially popular this season.


What style are you excited for this spring?

There are many more Spring hair trends where these came from. As a stylist or salon owner, it is also essential to have your takes on hair trends to stand out on the cutting edge and on top of your craft. It is also important to keep your salon equipment updated and clean so your clients trust you for years to come. Follow Keller4Salon on Instagram to see what your fellow stylists are up to this season and to be the first to know what salon chairs, stations, and more are trending this year!


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