7 Things To Consider When Buying a Salon Chair

7 Things To Consider When Buying a Salon Chair

Beauty salons makeover a client’s appearance, providing a physical and mental reset. Along with the professionals conducting the magic and offering the service, the salon’s setup affects the success of the customer’s transformation. Supplying your spa with the right equipment and furnishing ensures maximized customer experience and staff performance. It also influences the aesthetic, practicality, comfort, and luxuries of the space.

In a salon studio, the chairs make up the main workstation. Like a computer desk for office work and a tool bench for a woodworker, salon chairs set the space for hairstylists and beauty specialists to practice their craft. They also influence various other aspects of the spa and its operations. The better the chair, the more functional the salon. Here are seven things to consider when buying a salon chair to ensure you properly equip your beauty studio with the best.

1. Customer Comfort

Customers influence the success of an enterprise in many ways. They use the products or services sold, keeping businesses relevant, in demand, and operating in general and financially. As a key proponent of your salon’s affairs, it’s important to keep your customers in mind when shopping for the perfect chair.

Depending on the service or styling request, some salon appointments last for hours, forcing the clients to sit for an extended period of time. Uncomfortable chairs make those long appointments less bearable. Discomfort causes customers to fidget as they try to find a more comfortable seated position, making it hard for the stylist to work. Shopping for salon chairs that provide back support, comfy cushioning, and arm and leg rests helps you pick a chair that offers maximum comfort. These features will make your customers happier and more comfortable, allowing the experts to focus on doing their thing.

2. Stylist Comfort

As the people conducting the transformation and service, the stylist’s comfort level should also play a prominent part in your chair selection process. Wide chairs make it hard for stylists to navigate around the client. Heavy ones make mobility and flexibility more challenging. Chairs that sit too low force stylists into awkward positions, bending their backs and necks and providing minimal ergonomic support. Many aspects of a salon chair influence the working conditions of the specialist and affect the quality of their performance. Plus, lifting heavy chairs and constantly working with poor posture causes future health issues, endangering the salon staff.

Qualities in a salon chair to look for that maximizes the stylist’s comfort levels and working conditions include:

  • Lightweight yet sturdy structure
  • Complementary height adjustments
  • Compact size
  • Smooth curvature

Letting each stylist voice their preferences ensures everyone receives a workspace that meets their needs.

3. Maintenance and Cleanability

Salon sessions rack up quite a bit of mess, especially when stylists use color or trim hair. More often than not, residue from products, dripping hair dye, and flyway hairs end up on the salon chair. Shopping for an easy-to-clean and maintain chair makes the post-appointment clean-up quick and simple. It also keeps the chair in quality condition, preserving its appearance and use.

Vinyl offers many benefits, from water resistance to minimized bacterial growth. It is also easy to clean, making it an excellent material for salon chairs. Along with padding material covers, don’t forget to consider the leg and armrest materials. Metal and plastic legs are easier to clean and provide more stain resistance than wooden versions.

4. Material Durability

In tandem with cleanability, durability also affects the quality of salon chairs and their suitability for the spa’s work atmosphere. Between the chemicals used in hair dye to clients constantly switching places and sitting, salon work exposes chairs to plenty of wear and tear. Selecting a salon chair made from durable materials ensures you make the best investment for your business.

Qualities of a durable chair include resistance to:

  • Tearing
  • Scratches
  • Water
  • Stains
  • Cracking
  • Sharps

Vinyl and steel chairs offer the most durability; they resist many chemicals, take longer to deteriorate, and provide strong, impenetrable surfaces.

5. Matching Aesthetic

The interior of your salon affects your customer’s experience. It also influences the staff, affecting their work atmosphere. Creating an aesthetic salon studio and spa makes the space more enjoyable, relaxing, and professional. There are many style aesthetics to explore, from spa-like to industrial.

Choosing salon chairs that match the rest of the salon’s appearance makes your salon looks cohesive and attractive. Picking chairs that clash with other interior choices—such as opting for a neon yellow chair in a neutral, earthy aesthetic—can ruin your salon’s image. It also creates an uncomfortable atmosphere and distractions, negatively affecting your clients’ customer experience and stylists’ performance.

6. Chair Size

People come in all shapes and sizes, meaning everyone occupies space differently. Certain chairs lack accommodation for larger body sizes or younger ages. Struggling to fit into any space and assuming an uncomfortable position lowers one’s esteem and makes it hard to relax. Chairs that don’t fit your clients can negatively affect your customer experience, decreasing the chances of those guests ever returning.

Make sure you buy salon chairs that accommodate all body types and adapt to different people to ensure all your customers receive quality treatment. This choice broadens your clientele and makes people feel more comfortable in your salon. The size of your chairs also affects the layout and space of your spa. Large and bulky chairs make it hard to navigate around the room, decreasing practicality. Finding a compact but wide-seated chair gives stylists plenty of room to work and accommodates all body types.

7. Practical Adjustability

Adjustable and customizable properties offer multiple practical benefits. Chairs that swivel, recline, and adjust in height allow stylists to change their working conditions to better suit their needs and preferences. It also provides added luxury experiences for the customers.

Reclines and adjustable footrests allow clients to stretch out in more comfortable positions, making those long appointments more bearable. Chairs that come with a booster option give you seating that accommodates adults and children. Individual footrests allow stylists to move legs away and reach every angle without putting customers into uncomfortable positions. Greater adjustability offers added practicality.

Keeping these seven considerations in mind when buying a salon chair equips your spa and studio with perfect seating options and workstations. It ensures quality customer experiences, better working conditions, and many additional benefits to your business. At Keller, we provide a grand selection of beauty salon chairs that offer numerous beneficial qualities. Explore our selection of chairs and equip your salon with the best equipment and pieces of furniture.

7 Things To Consider When Buying a Salon Chair


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