A Quick Guide to Buying Skincare Products for Your Salon

A Quick Guide to Buying Skincare Products for Your Salon

SkinTok—the side of TikTok that posts all things skincare related—continues to flourish people’s curiosity in taking better care of their skin. Although some videos provide questionable homemade hacks, the sparked interest in the importance of skincare leads customers to your beauty salon’s door. They come in hopes of receiving an experience they can’t quite achieve at home—the joys of being pampered by someone else and high-quality, expert skincare products.

Here is a quick guide to buying skincare products for your salon and how to make sure you meet your customer’s expectations and beyond.

Find Something Suitable for All Skin Types

Helping multiple people meet their skin desires is both highly gratifying and great for business. It gives you a glowing reputation, better customer retention rates, loyal clients, and increased revenue. Many people’s skin goals and needs vary from the majority.

Some clients need more moisture, less fragrance, or a pigmentation treatment. In contrast, others require means to combat oiliness, stronger chemicals, or wrinkle prevention. There are many different types of skin and skincare desires.

Finding products for your salon that meets the needs of a range of skin types broadens your clientele. It makes your business more inclusive and shows your expertise and care for all your customers.

Look For Products That Match Your Philosophy

If your salon prides itself on being sustainable and eco-friendly, using skincare products in plastic packaging that is animal-tested or contains unsustainable ingredients can send mixed messages. It makes your business’ legitimacy questionable.

Many people choose businesses and services to invest in based on their messages and ethics. Looking for products that match your salon’s philosophy provides consistency in your image and fulfills your promises to your customers.

Check Storage Requirements and Ingredients

Most products contain preservatives that extend their ingredients’ shelf life. However, many others lack effective perseveration, especially organic and natural alternatives. Some skincare creams and serums require refrigeration, degrade under sun exposure, and provide a limited window of use.

Checking your products’ storage requirements and expiration allows you to better preserve the quality of the skincare treatments you buy. It also helps you decide whether they are a worthy investment for the long run.

Pair Your Products With Facial Equipment

Serums, moisturizers, cleansers, and everything in between can only do so much. Skincare involves more than just the products you lather and layer on your skin—although they do help. Comprehensive skincare care also takes into consideration diets, lifestyle, and the tools you use.

Pair your products with compatible facial equipment to further enhance the results of your products and your clients’ experiences. Many skincare products benefit from steamers, rollers, and gua shas, helping them penetrate deeper into the skin and spread evenly. When stocking up on your salon’s skincare products, take into consideration the equipment that will complement them.

Provide your guests with a spa experience worth raving about on SkinTok with help from this quick guide to buying skincare products for your salon. Pick a stock of skincare products that’ll meet your salon’s needs, standards, and guests’ desires.


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