All-Purpose Salon Chairs vs. Styling Chairs

All-Purpose Salon Chairs vs. Styling Chairs

Starting a salon or barbershop requires you to determine what you want to offer your clients pretty early on in the process. A majority of the equipment you’ll need to choose from will have options that allow you to do more at a higher cost. It’s a balancing act of knowing what kind of services you want to offer and how much you want to spend on equipment. Here, we’ll look at the differences between all-purpose salon chairs and styling chairs so you can pick the one that will match your business plans.

Differences in Function

Perhaps the biggest thing that will determine if you want an all-purpose salon chair or a styling chair is the functionality you need your chairs to have. The styling chairs will be your go-to choice for basic hair care services such as cuts, colors, and styling. For the basics of hair care, you can’t go wrong with a simple styling chair. All-purpose salon chairs, as their name implies, offer far more options. All-purpose chairs allow for reclining and usually come with headrests as well, making them also useful for facial hair work.

Differences in Mobility

As we’ve mentioned, all-purpose salon chairs are built to accommodate a variety of services, so they can fully recline and provide for a more comfortable experience for your clients overall. However, it’s worth noting that all-purpose salon chairs are far larger and heavier than styling chairs. This makes them much harder to move around, making it harder to adjust your salon’s layout if needed. Styling chairs are more lightweight and give you more flexibility as to where you place them in your building.

Differences in Price

It should come as no surprise that all-purpose salon chairs are a bit more expensive than salon chairs. Higher quality materials and more moving parts mean that you’ll need to shell out a little bit more if you want to fully furnish your salon or barbershop with all-purpose chairs. Styling chairs will be more affordable overall, but they aren’t as versatile. All-purpose chairs that allow you to offer more services could pay for themselves over time; it’s just a matter of what you plan on offering.

For years, Keller International has been dedicated to providing quality salon equipment that business owners can rely on in the long term. No matter what you need to get your salon up and running or what kind of style and aesthetic you’re going for, Keller has plenty of options for you to choose from so you can perfect your place of business in no time.


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