Barber Chairs vs. Salon Chairs: What’s the Difference?

Barber Chairs vs. Salon Chairs: What’s the Difference?

To most people, calling one chair a barber chair and a similar-looking one a salon chair might seem a little pointless. Don’t they serve the same purpose? While both types of chairs allow stylists and barbers to move their clients as needed to give them the best cut possible, each feature a few unique features that differentiate themselves. Keep reading below to find out the difference between barber chairs and salon chairs.

Barber Chairs: Full Functionality

Most people typically imagine barbers as stylists focused primarily on hairstyles for men. On average, men tend to keep their hair quite a bit shorter than women do. Barber chairs reflect this style choice by usually including a neck or headrest for a more comfortable experience. However, the headrest also serves a purpose beyond comfort.

Barber chairs are designed to tilt back, allowing for careful beard and facial hair trimming. The headrest plays a role here, supporting the client’s head and making it comfortable throughout facial hair cutting and styling.

Salon Chairs: Full Access

The most significant difference between barber chairs and salon chairs is in how much access they give to the stylist. In contrast to barber chairs, salon chairs usually don’t have headrests and can’t tilt backward. The backrest also tends to be smaller, which is essential for a long-haired client.

A stylist must be able to access every part of their client’s head and hair easily. Salon chairs make it easier for longer hair to sit comfortably outside the chair, making it easier to manipulate for the stylist.

Is There an In-Between Option?

Some chairs can accommodate if you’re looking for an all-purpose chair that can work with a wider variety of clients. Usually, these chairs include a removable headrest or an adjustable back that lets the stylist customize the chair based on their client’s needs.

Keller has a fantastic selection of both salon and barber chairs. No matter your salon aesthetic or the services you offer, we have a chair that will fill your needs.


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