Barbering for Kids: Tips for a Smooth Process

Barbering for Kids: Tips for a Smooth Process

Providing quality services to any customer who walks through your barbershop doors expands your clientele and enhances your inclusivity—key factors to a successful business. Children are one of the most challenging clients to accommodate for many barbers. Between their high energy levels, lack of ability to sit still, and naturally fearful nature, barbering kids can come with many obstacles that can hinder your service quality. The next time you have an appointment with your younger clientele, refer to our top tips for a smooth process when barbering kids.

Provide Entertainment Distractions

Distractions are crucial when barbering kids because they divert the child’s attention away from the haircut itself, which is particularly beneficial for children with anxieties or fears associated with haircuts. Having a selection of children’s books, toys, or coloring materials can also keep the young ones occupied and entertained, making them less likely to fidget during their haircut. Streaming a kid’s show on a TV can distract and entertain kids while simultaneously keeping their heads level and upright. No matter what form of entertainment you provide, any sort of distraction allows the barber to perform their work with minimal interruptions, ensuring a quick and smooth process.

Train for Patience

Patience is a vital trait for barbers who tend to young customers. Children may show varying degrees of cooperation during a haircut, and it’s essential to remain calm and patient throughout the process. Barbers can take specialized training to enhance their patience and communication skills when servicing young clients. These sessions may include learning calming techniques, understanding child psychology, or even role-plays that mimic real-life situations. A patient barber can create a positive and comfortable environment for kids, making them more likely to cooperate and less likely to fear future barber visits.

Implement a Reward System

Implementing a reward system offers many benefits. They create positive associations with the barbering experience, motivate kids to behave, and instill a sense of achievement. Rewards can be anything from a simple sticker or a small toy to a sweet treat.

Choose the Right Barber Chair

An essential aspect of ensuring a smooth process for kids’ haircuts is selecting the right classic barber chairs—one that is comfortable and adjustable. Adjustable chairs allow barbers to place their clients in an easy-to-reach and ergonomic position when performing haircuts. Comfortable seating guarantees a greater likelihood that the kids will sit still and feel safe and relaxed during the appointment. The right barber chair offers something for both the kids and the barber.

Make cutting kids’ hair a more enjoyable experience for all. You can ensure smoother experiences when barbering kids by following these tips, allowing the barbers to excel and your clients to reap quality services.


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