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Benefits of an Electric Barber Chair

The benefits of an electric barber chair are unmatched. Your barber chair is the spot where your clients spend their entire experience and where you stand for 8 to 10 hours per day. The chair that you select must be perfectly designed so you can cut and shave all day long with ease and your clients can relax completely.

 An electric barber chair can bring the best experience to you and your clients for many reasons. Let’s discuss the benefits of electric barber chairs.

Top 5 Benefits of Electric Barber Chairs

 1. Easy to adjust

Regular barber chairs must be manually adjusted, which can put incredible strain on your body if you’re working full-time (and we know that most barbers work overtime). An electric barber chair can be adjusted with just the press of a button.

With an electric barber chair

  • You’ll put less strain on your muscles
  • You can easily get your client to the perfect height and position
  • Your client will be as comfortable as possible
  • Recline your client to an almost flat position with ease

 2. Luxurious look and feel

Electric barber chairs are in a league of their own when it comes to salon furniture. A striking black PVC vinyl electric barber chair will impress everyone who walks through your door and sits in your barber chair. It will feel as though they’re at home in their favorite recliner, only better because they’re getting the star treatment from you.

 3. Versatility

Keller’s electric barber chairs fit perfectly into any luxury salon, but they are also great for dentists, tattoo and piercing shops, and more. No matter what industry you’re in, you want whoever is sitting in your chair to be comfortable (even if you’re drilling their teeth). An electric barber chair will ensure their utmost comfort.

4. Easy to clean

Keller electric barber chairs are made of non-porous PVC vinyl, which is incredibly easy to clean, and are all-black. Any stains that may be left behind by hair dye, tattoo ink, or spilled coffee won’t be visible. PVC vinyl can also be easily disinfected with disinfecting wipes or spray to keep you and your clients healthy.

 5. Long-lasting

Electric barber chairs have a high price point with quality to match. With durable fabric, impeccable design and build, and excellent warranties, you won’t ever want to have another chair in your salon. You and your clients will enjoy your Keller electric barber chair for years to come.

Electric Barber Chairs by Keller International

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Keller International has brought luxury barbershop and salon furniture to the United States and beyond for over 20-years. Our mission is to bring the best of the best to your salon, so you don’t have to worry about the look or quality of the furniture your clients sit in every day. Browse our selection of electric barber chairs today and experience the difference!


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