Why You Need A Barber Chair For Your Beauty Business

Benefits of Barber Chairs for Your Salon Business

Whether you are just getting started with your salon or have been in business for years, one thing is for sure: the need for the perfect chair to outfit your needs and create the best experience for your customer. 

While the term “barber chair” in and of itself may bring to mind the traditional barbershop setting, which usually caters to an almost exclusively male demographic, barber chairs are uniquely designed to be a solution for any salon or clientele.

Barber chairs can be much more than the simple, utilitarian black chairs seen in traditional shops. They can have bold, fun colors, multiple features, and take your salon to the next level. Below, we break down why your salon should consider investing in a barber chair (or multiple) and how it will significantly improve your salon business. As a top barber chair supplier, we have a variety of chairs to fit every style and budget.

Your Salon Can Offer More Services

Barber chairs are not relegated to clients requesting a shave, trim, or cut. When your salon barber chair is sturdy and built for versatility, you can better optimize your offerings. For example, salons can use a multipurpose barber chair for waxing, shampooing, facials, and more. Our Xavier Barber Chair has a removable headrest to seamlessly switch services while maintaining customer comfort.

A great feature of barber chairs is that they can hold more weight than the average salon chair. They are also bigger and wider, so you can feel confident your chair can service any client that walks through your doors.

The multipurpose elements come primarily from the barber chair features themselves. When investing in a multipurpose chair, you can start with one or two chairs– these can be the chairs explicitly used for the clients that request multiple services in one appointment.

If you rent your barber chairs to your salon staff, you can also request a higher monthly rate because the chair offers multiple service features that will attract service providers with a broader skill set.

Your Salon Will Save Money for the Long Term

Your salon will save money

Running a salon is expensive. Whether your salon has a business model of employing your staff or renting out your chairs, you, as the salon owner, are the one who must front the bill for equipment and its upkeep. A quality salon barber chair may cost more upfront, but when you find one that is durable and high quality, you will ultimately save money in the end.

Your Salon’s Aesthetic Will Attract New Clients 

Barber Chairs For Hair Salons

Barber chairs are not hard to find, but the perfect barber chair for your salon is. A perfect barber chair should be durable, made of high quality, easy to clean material, be weighty enough to offer stability, and, last but not least, be easy on the eyes (take our Dynasty Barber Chair as an example).

By being in the beauty industry, you are selling your clients transformation. A client comes into your salon wanting to go from feeling blah to fabulous. However, they also are seeking a relaxing environment to undergo this transformation.

If they walk into your space and have to sit down on a barber chair that is run of the mill or even experiencing wear and tear, they may question your ability to do the job and certainly won’t feel comfortable.

By having the perfect barber chairs in your salon, you create an ambiance that speaks to the same quality as your services. And that speaks volumes about your credibility and brand. 

By Choosing the Perfect Salon Barber Chair, Your Salon Will Thank You

Shopping for a new salon barber chair or chairs is daunting. You want to be sure you make the right choice and can handle the investment. Running a salon business is not cheap, but it is rewarding. The type of chair(s) you choose will be dependent on the types of services you offer now or want to in the future, as well as the types of clients you serve.

Keller International is a salon, barber, and spa equipment company founded nearly 23 years ago out of New York State. We are a top barber chair supplier in the United States and always have you and your clients’ needs top of mind.

Whether you want a simple and affordable chair like our Adams Barber chair or are seeking a bolder option tailored to a more feminine clientele like the Anastasia Barber chair, we have what you need to thrive.

Barber chairs are not only for barbershops. Your salon will benefit from the perfect barber chair as it will open up your business to more opportunities, and you will stand out in the process. Contact us today to learn more.


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