Disinfecting Your Salon or Barber Chair

Keller Salon Chair Cleaning COVID-19 Corona Virus

One positive the coronavirus outbreak has provided is cleanliness. Not only are people cleaning their homes but they are washing their hands and being more cautious with spreading germs. Now while it’s safe to say most of us are respecting one another in public environments we as business owners should be top leaders on providing a clean and comfortable environment for our customers and employees.

Thankfully, all of us will be interacting again soon! Here’s a break down of a disinfectant process you can use to keep your salon chairs or barber chairs clean between cuts.

Good old soap and water

Classic liquid hand or dish soaps chemically interact and diminish the envelope protein (a virus protective shield) that allows the coronavirus to thrive. While alcohol-based cleaners may do a fine job at eliminating microbial threats they are not ideal for vinyl sanitizing. Keep in mind using antibacterial soap won’t give you added protection against the coronavirus hence it kills bacteria, not viruses. You still can use it if you put some elbow grease in your wash. A mild detergent and luke-warm water with a sponge is a great way to clean the fabric without affecting the longevity of your chair.

Cleaners to avoid

Refrain from any cleaners that are labeled as being free from detergents to avoid drying effects on your salon equipment. Basic Armor All wipes, for example, contain a mild detergent. Do not use any cleaners on vinyl that contain petroleum, ammonia, or bleach.

An extra step

An additional step you could take is to politely ask your clients to wash their hands before sitting in your salon chair. There is no way to really avoid all bacteria and viruses because we’re constantly in contact with surfaces so hand-washing is one of your best defenses against COVID-19. Your armrests will be a breeding zone for bacteria so this would be the place of main concern. Create a sign asking those to do so and display it on your reception desk. This shows your clients you are creating a safe environment for everyone.

Together with these simple methods, we can keep our environment safe for one another while maintaining the best condition for our salon equipment!

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