Cleaning Your Salon Equipment

Cleaning Salon Equipment

Have a tough stain on your prized barber or salon chair? No worries! Watch this tutorial video where you will learn about some safe cleaners to use on your hair styling furniture.

I’m Paul Keller from Keller International up here in New York, and these are some products you can use, and we recommend, for cleaning your beauty salon chairs and barber chairs.

Vinylex: This is typically good for revitalizing and cleaning PVC vinyl.

Goo Gone: This has an orange citrus scent. It’s really strong stuff, so if you have a really stubborn stain, you may want to try using it sparingly and work your way up depending on how tough the stain is on your salon equipment. Hair spray tends to be the toughest to remove, but it’s manageable with this and some elbow grease.

Simple Green: We typically use this as a good all-purpose, detergent cleaner. Consider spraying on for a couple hours and letting it soak.

Start with:

  • The Simple Green
  • Spot clean with Goo Gone
  • Repeat Step 1
  • Finish with Vinylex. It’s not necessarily good for leather and more intended for PVC, so make sure that when you buy it, it’s not just for leather but vinyl as well.