Different Functions of Salon Pedicure Chairs

Different Functions of Salon Pedicure Chairs

Salon pedicure chairs come in many forms and vary in style, size, and function. The type of chair you pick changes the customer experience and affects comfort level, luxury, and your spa's image. Here are four different functions to consider when deciding on the perfect salon pedicure chairs to enhance your customers’ sessions.

Whirlpool Jet Systems

Whirpool jet systems apply gentle water pressure to your client's feet. It relaxes the foot muscles and allows your customers to unwind and relax. Many people get a pedicure for the pampering experience, and whirlpool jet systems give them just that. It treats their feet to a massage. The spraying and whirlpool motions come in handy when cleaning pedicure bowls. These functions circulate and splash water around the basin, making it easier to clean between sessions.

Reclined Seating

Sitting in the same position for a long time applies a lot of pressure on your back, spine, and hips. Depending on the pedicure and added treatments, some sessions involve clients sitting in their chairs for more than 30 minutes. Reclining pedicure chairs allow customers to stay seated more comfortably. On top of providing a more relaxing position, reclinable chairs allow you to multitask spa treatments. You can give your client a facial while also administering a pedicure.

Built-In Massage System

A built-in massage system is a popular function of pedicure chairs. They help clients fully relax and enjoy their experience. Most massage salon chairs offer customizable massaging options, allowing customers to pick a massage style. The more your clients relax, the less they fidget, allowing you to work more efficiently and provide better results.

Stowaway Pedicure Bowl

Stowaway pieces of furniture allow you to store and hide certain features when not in use. They are great additions to small spaces. Stowaway pedicure bowls allow you to transform the chair from a pedicure station to a regular seat. They give the chair multifunctionality, enabling you to use it in more ways than one.

There are many other salon pedicure chair functions to explore, but these four are the most common. Whirlpool jets, recliners, built-in massage systems, and stowaway pedicure bowls enhance the client’s experience and practicality in the salon. For spa chairs featuring these functions and more, check out the collection of pedicure chairs at Keller International. We sell all types of salon and spa equipment with a range of features.


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