Finding the Best Haircut for Your Client’s Face Shape

Finding the Best Haircut for Your Client’s Face Shape

TikTok’s viral hair theory trend illuminates how different hairstyles, from dramatic cuts to simple behind-the-ear tucks, can transform how people perceive you. Face shape is a major factor in how much a hairstyle can transform someone's look. Discover how to find the best haircut for your client’s face shape and guarantee unmatched salon services.

Understanding Face Shapes

The first step in choosing the perfect haircut is understanding the client’s face shape. Generally, there are six common face shapes: oval, round, square, heart, diamond, and oblong. Each shape has distinct characteristics:

  • Oval: Balanced proportions, where the forehead is slightly wider than the chin, and the overall shape resembles an egg.
  • Round: Full cheeks and a circular form with equal width and length, creating a youthful and soft appearance
  • Square: Broad forehead, strong jawline, and angular features, often creating a striking and symmetrical appearance
  • Heart: Broader forehead and cheekbones, with a narrow jawline and chin, resembling the silhouette of a heart
  • Diamond: Narrow forehead, wide cheekbones, and a narrow chin, creating a silhouette that resembles the cut of a diamond
  • Oblong: Face length longer than width, and a gently curved jawline that is slightly narrower than the forehead

Balancing Proportions

Balancing proportions creates a sense of symmetry and harmony that complements the client's facial features. By adjusting hair lengths, styles, and volumes, stylists can alter the perceived dimensions of the face. For example, a pixie cut can marvelously balance an oblong face shape by minimizing its length and drawing attention upward, creating a more proportionate visual effect.

Adjusting Face Lengths

Face lengths can help you find hairstyles that make your clients’ face shape more equally proportional. For short faces, styles that add height and volume on top, such as high top knots and layered cuts, are beneficial as they elongate the face’s appearance. Long faces, on the other hand, look best with hairstyles that add fullness to the sides, such as bangs, waves, or shoulder-length cuts, creating width and balance.

Enhancing Face lines

Certain haircuts can either highlight or soften specific facial lines. Someone with a prominent jawline can benefit from layers or waves that start at the jaw and soften strong lines to create a more balanced look. You can accentuate the cheekbones of a client with a diamond face shape by creating volume at the crown and adding soft layers around the face.

Pro Tip: Investing in the right barber chair can help you better observe and distinguish your clients’ natural contours. Adjustable chairs allow you to position clients in direct view so you can accurately assess facial features. Chairs with rotation offer a comprehensive perspective on how haircuts will look from all angles.

Finding the best haircut for your client’s face shape requires keen observational skills. With this guide and a barber chair from Keller International, you can treat your clients to hairstyles that enhance their natural features and inspire confidence.


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