How To Arrange Salon Furniture To Maximize Space

How To Arrange Salon Furniture To Maximize Space

A small salon studio may restrict your space, but it doesn’t have to limit your success. Whether your studio is wide open or compact, your salon’s success ultimately depends on your services and space maximization. How you choose to work with your salon studio’s available area influences the dynamic of your business. Proper spatial usage positively affects your establishment’s aesthetic, workflow, and productivity.

Many different components come into play regarding your use of space, from room layouts to furniture selections. Don’t limit your business’s growth—learn how to arrange salon furniture to maximize space.

How To Save Space With an Efficient Layout

Furniture placement affects how you use your space. Some room layouts and placement decisions, like a desk on a diagonal in a room’s corner, create a lot of spatial waste, or area gaps with minimal to no use. Maximizing your furniture layout can help you make the most of every inch and corner in your salon.

Place Furniture in Rows

Arranging your furniture in rows can maximize space and make a room look bigger, especially if your salon is long and narrow. Furniture rows create clear and direct walkways and split a room into distinct work zones and open spaces for easy and efficient mobility.

Placing furniture in rows also forms a clean linear room layout design that looks appealing and orderly, making your salon look more inviting and open. Arrange your furniture rows by placing them against walls and leaving the center open, or put back-to-back workstations across your salon’s center, leaving open walkways along the walls.

Use Available Wall and Ceiling Space

Many people forget that a room’s space constitutes more than just floor area. Maximize every free inch in your salon by using wall furniture and pieces that can hang from the ceiling. You can invest in floating desks and mirrors for the walls, or mount hooded dryers and steamers from the ceiling or walls.

How To Best Use Furniture To Maximize Space

Your work habits and how you use your salon furniture can affect space availability and restrictions. Maximize the room in your salon by implementing some best practices for space usage and working.

Only Keep In-Use Furniture in Your Workspace

Mobile salon furniture provides a lot of benefits. One advantage of portable furniture is that they allow you to easily switch up room layouts to best meet your current needs. For instance, a simple haircut doesn’t require heat tools or hair dyes. If your color mixing stations and heat lamps are on wheels, you can free up room in your workspace by whisking them away to a designated storage space. Keeping only your essentials on hand and removing unnecessary furniture in your workspace helps you get the most out of your salon area.

Avoid Cluttered Surfaces

Clutter takes up a lot of physical, visual, and emotional space. Whether it’s tools piled up on workstations or random, inefficient furniture placement, any type of clutter makes your salon look and feel smaller and limits your productivity. Keeping your salon organized and clean opens up space, allowing you to use the square footage more efficiently. A decluttered space makes your salon appear roomier, as it eliminates the visual chaos and provides a more serene setting.

Incorporate Vertical Storage Solutions

If your space is limited in width, it’s time to go upward. Cities maximize small land areas by building up instead of out—in the same way, you can incorporate vertical storage solutions in your salon to maximize your studio’s limited space. Along with using storage shelves that go all the way up your walls rather than simply in a small section across, you can opt for salon furniture that is compact but tall to place between shelves and further make the most of your vertical space.

How To Make Ideal Furniture Selections

Besides your tools and salon occupants—your staff and clients—your furniture occupies most of your salon’s space. Opting for space-saving and versatile furniture pieces maximizes your available space, freeing up room in different places and ensuring that any occupied space is put to good use.

Invest in Multifunctional Furniture

Multifunctional furniture allows you to utilize fewer pieces of furniture for an array of needs since they consolidate different features and functions into one object. Instead of buying multiple individual pieces and filling up space with an abundance of furniture, investing in multipurpose salon equipment means you can buy just a few furniture pieces without hindering functionality. Popular multifunctional salon furniture worth getting includes:

  • Workstations with built-in storage and outlets
  • Double-sided styling stations
  • Storage carts that double as work surfaces
  • A hair wash sink conjoined with a storage unit
  • Mirrors with hidden built-in storage

Choose Light Colored Furniture Pieces

Maximizing your area goes beyond physical space-saving. You can make your salon appear larger with strategically colored items. Furniture pieces in light colors, like white, creams, and soft neutrals, create the illusion that your space looks and feels more spacious. Their soft tones reflect light, brightening your space and evoking an airy atmosphere that visually expands your salon.

Pick Slim and Sleek Furniture Designs

Size matters when selecting furniture to optimize your salon space. Bulky and wide furniture pieces take up a lot of unnecessary room. But smaller, slimmer, and more compact furniture gives you some free space back, which means you can opt to bring in more furniture to provide more services or leave extra room for clients and staff to maneuver.

At Keller International, our salon furniture selection includes plenty of space-saving pieces. We have slim, versatile, and double-sided hairdresser stations on wheels, allowing you to maximize your square footage in many ways. Shop our selection of salon furniture today and equip your salon with pieces that are efficient in functionality, design quality, and size.

Make your salon a small but mighty business competitor. With furniture from Keller International and these tips for arranging salon furniture to maximize space, your salon can operate without limitations, appear bigger, and cater to your staff’s needs. Making the most of your space puts you on the path to success and enhances various aspects of your business, from productivity and workflow to appeal and ambience. Don’t let your limited salon size restrict your salon’s possibilities.

How To Arrange Salon Furniture To Maximize Space


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