How To Choose the Perfect Manicure Table for Your Salon

How To Choose the Perfect Manicure Table for Your Salon

A successful salon comes fitted with all the right equipment. From the different nail services and treatment options to the desired relaxing spa atmosphere, there are many things to consider when furnishing your salon. Making sure you equip your salon with the best pieces for your services, space, and experts ensures success and quality customer experience.

Compared with other surface spaces, a specifically designed manicure table provides you with more practical purposes, enhanced manicure stations, and more. They are essential to a successful nail studio. Here is a guide on how to choose the perfect manicure table for your salon to supply your business and nail techs with the best equipment.

Look for Quality Materials and Durability

Making a quality investment means considering long-term factors. How long will the table last? What are its maintenance requirements? Will it create more costs in the future?

A manicure table made from quality materials offers a lot of potential in the long run. It guarantees more durability, keeping your workstations in top shape, despite the daily wears of manicures from acetone polish remover and sharp tools. The longer your table lasts, the fewer future payments you make on replacements or repairs.

Quality materials to scout for include the following:

  • Stone countertops
  • Engineered hardwood
  • Stainless steel
  • Powder-coated metal frames
  • Laminated wood (UV protection)

When choosing the perfect manicure table for your salon, look for furniture pieces with durable and quality materials that combat the wear and tear of the profession.

Match With Your Desired Design Aesthetic

A manicure table made from quality materials upgrades the experience of your nail techs, but the table’s visual components and design elements enhance your customers’ experience.

The table’s design plays a role in determining the ambiance, comfort, reputation, and professionalism of your spa. Salons featuring a cohesive, sleek, and intentional interior design create a positive atmosphere for all to enjoy.

Match your manicure tables with your salon’s design aesthetic—modern, industrial, boho—to curate a more appealing and cohesive interior. This solidifies your desired ambiance, curating a specific experience for your customers to relish as you pamper them.

For example, for an industrialized or rustic salon interior, look for manicure tables with wooden components and metal legs. For a glamorous and chic aesthetic design, opt for tables with stone features and white-gold color schemes.

Explore Various Size and Structural Options

Does your salon offer a lot of open space, or is it more compact? Along with aesthetics and interior design, your salon’s room layout also affects the practicality and ambiance of your spa. A clutter-free and open layout provides a more calming atmosphere and makes it easier to get around. Whether your salon is roomy or minimalistic, choose a manicure table that complements your space.

Tables come in all shapes and sizes. However, not all designs work well for manicures or in certain room layouts. A large circular table makes it hard for your nail techs to reach the clients’ hands and takes up a lot of unnecessary space. A manicure table that offers plenty of surface room to work on without distancing the expert and customer is a more practical option.

If you’ve got a lot of space and nail techs, look for joint manicure tables that provide more than one workstation to minimize unnecessary gaps. For smaller salons, opt for tables that are more petite without compromising work space.

Pro Tip: Keep in mind your nail techs’ preferences. Some experts like to work with a lot of room to lay out their tools, while others need just enough space to rest their clients’ hands.

Consider Different Practical Properties

The difference between a desk and a manicure table is their practical properties. A good manicure table includes a range of features that aid the manicure process. They enhance the nail tech’s workstation, improving their working conditions and performance. Popular practical properties to look for include the following:

Outlet Connections

Built-in outlets make it easy to connect and use electronic tools like nail drills, table lamps, and portable UV lamps. Instead of restricting your table’s placement to a wall or dragging cords across the salon, built-in outlets provide you with a compact and all-in-one nail station. They also give clients the option to charge their phones.

Extra Storage Space

From cuticle cutters and nail cleaners to lotions and towels, giving a manicure involves a lot of little bits and bobs. A manicure table that offers plenty of storage space allows your techs to keep all their necessary tools close by and organized. Plus, it minimizes the number of items you put on the table’s surface, keeping it clutter-free.

Padded Hand Rests

Padded hand rests give clients a place to comfortably place their hands. They also raise the clients’ hands into a position that makes it easier for nail techs to handle and work with.

UV Light Shelf and Cubbies

Gel manicures save a lot of time. They minimize drying time and risks of clients ruining their nails as the polish sets. Eliminate the need for portable UV lights and opt for a manicure table with built-in UV light shelves and cubbies. This provides your techs with a multipurpose workspace, saving them table space and providing a more convenient way to dry nails.

Cord Drop Holes

Cord drop holes allow your techs to keep their wires organized and out of sight. Cord drop holes keep all the chords together, prevent them from bending or being exposed to dangers, and reduce tripping hazards.

Built-In or Add-On Wheels

Wheels give your manicure table portable properties. Whether you want to switch up your room layout frequently or want to make cleaning easier, a table with wheels makes maneuvering the bulky furniture easier and safer.

From the table’s material quality to practical features, there are many things to consider when choosing the perfect manicure table for your salon. No matter the style or properties you select, make sure that whatever table you choose best meets the needs of your nail techs and space.

Find the ideal table and other essential furniture pieces for your salon at Keller International. With us, you can create enhanced manicure stations that benefit your clients, nail techs, and business. With the right equipment on hand, your salon stays well equipped to provide the best service.

How To Choose the Perfect Manicure Table for Your Salon


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