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How to Decorate Your Salon on a Budget

Business for the beauty and aesthetics industry is busier than ever. After nearly two years in and out of lockdown, people are ready to put their best faces (and hair) forward. Salons not only need to stock their inventory for the surge in demand but ensure the salon space itself is positioned in such a way to give them a competitive edge. 

As a salon owner, you need to be sure that much more than your stylists have what it takes to compete in a competitive market, but your space does as well. Potential customers do not want to spend two or three hours of their time sitting in an old salon chair facing dingy wall decor with reading material from a year ago. 

They want modern, sophisticated, and tranquil vibes to match their upcoming physical transformation. Don’t forget– people post photos on Yelp and social media– those photos must showcase your salon in the best light possible! 

With the above in mind, it may be time to overhaul some of your old salon furniture, wall art, and, yes, ancient reading material and revamp your space. Here’s how to decorate your salon on a budget while being in line with 2022 decor trends.  

Give Your Salon a Color Overhaul 

How to decorate your salon on a budget

Color psychology is a thing. Imagine a client walking into a salon with blood-red walls and another walking in light forest green walls. Which creates a more peaceful setting? Unless your clients identify as vampires, we think green is the better option.

Sherwin Williams’ color of the year is Evergreen Fog, described as “Soothing, subtle, and a perfect shade to freshen up any space.” Evergreen fog is a fantastic and nuanced shade to consider painting your salon space. If green is a no-go as it does not match your overall brand colors and vibe, consider bright white walls and bring in wall art to strategically intersperse in various areas of your salon.

Many of our salon and pedicure chairs come in a variety of neutral palettes to allow your space to be the focal point or backdrop to your salon style. Try our popular Luna Salon Chair in camel or our Serena Salon Chair in cashmere.

Bring Organic Vibes to Your Salon with Earthy Decor 

salon equipment decor

A timeless trend but especially popular in 2022, Scandinavian vibes are all the rage. Like changing your color, you want to ensure that any new aesthetic aligns with your brand. Thankfully organic, woodsy furniture and wall art are easy to incorporate into just about any aesthetic or space. 

While you can swing by your local IKEA to keep things exceedingly budget-friendly, consider World Market for unique pieces sourced from local artisans around the world. Grab one or two staple pieces like a long wood coffee table for your waiting area, or consider wall art that speaks to Springtime.

Our new reclaimed wood collection, Sierra, has all of the warmth and organic appeal to anchor your salon space.

Get Statement-Making Salon & Barber Chairs  

 salon equipment on a budget

It is integral for your salon to have a cohesive aesthetic for your entire space, especially for your salon and barber chairs. While you may think that investing in new chairs is out of the question for your 2022 business budget, some chairs are not excessive in price and possess an aesthetic to wow your staff and customers.  

If looking for a stylish and straightforward chair, consider the Manhattan Rose Gold Salon chair in black with gold accents or Rose gold. Are you looking for a multipurpose barber chair? The Anastasia chair will give you what you need. Keller offers financing with Klarna, so if you approve, you won’t have to come out of pocket for the entire amount either– #winning. 

Decorating Your Salon Does Not Have to Break The Bank

Although investment is required to update your salon’s decor, it does not have to break the bank. Affordable options are out there– and they look great! Aside from the ideas broken down above, there are additional ways to create a beautiful ambiance, such as incense, candles, great lighting, and pleasant staff. 

 We have a variety of salon chairs, barber chairs, reception desks, and more. Keller has been in business for over 23 years and has your needs top of mind all the time! Get started with your 2022 salon decor update on our website. 


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