How To Decorate Your Salon to Attract The Best Hair Stylists

How to Decorate Your Salon to Attract the Best Stylists

Your salon is up and running, and clients are coming in the door– great! However, you are short three stylists, and with demand increasing, bringing in the right people (and soon) is not just important but essential.

Whether your stylists operate as independent business owners and rent out their chairs or are employees, your salon business’s standard operating procedures should stipulate specific expectations. Hopefully, those expectations include quality, expertise, and professionalism.

Even with all of the above in place, it is still possible that your salon may not pique the interest of the best available stylists due to old furnishings, an unwelcoming vibe, and low-quality clientele.

While the vibe and clients are primarily up to you, we have a few pro-tips to share in the decor department.

Here's how to Decorate Your Salon to Attract the Best Stylists

Create a Welcome Reception Area

Welcoming Reception Area by Keller International

Create a welcome reception area. The reception should lack clutter and be furnished with modern, sleek furnishings. Identify finishes that complement the overall space rather than be drastically different in aesthetic. Keller’s Craftsman Reception Desk is a perfect fit for salons aiming for an understated aesthetic.

With its reclaimed rustic style wood to bold metal framework featured in black, it is a fantastic addition for any reception area wanting to give off warm, woodsy vibes.

Keller offers many different styles of reception furniture to complete your salon space. A salon's reception area is the first thing clients see when they walk in the door and the same goes for hairstylists who are considering working in your salon. First impressions are everything!

Source Art from Local Artists

Source Art From Local Artists

Most people respond to businesses that support their local communities. Rather than source artwork online, consider connecting with local artists whose work matches your visual sensibilities.

You will have a story to tell stylists who come in the door searching for a chair rental or a job, but the artists will likely promote your business on their social media, leading to more clients and local brand recognition.

Of course, when selecting art, ensure that the art matches your brand and overall aesthetic. Otherwise, you may wind up with a cluttered and confusing space.

Have Contemporary Salon Chairs

Contemporary Salon Chairs

Walking into a salon with salon chairs with old and outdated chairs is off-putting and sends the message that, as a client, you may end up looking just as disjointed as the salon environment itself! Make sure to purchase salon chairs that are modern, durable, and comfortable for clients.

Keller offers a variety of salon chairs for different budgets. If your salon caters to women, the Manhattan Rose Gold Salon Chair or Glam Salon Chair are fantastic options.

Choose Bright Paint for More Open Space

Choose Bright Paint For A More Open Space

Light colors make the salon appear much more extensive than reality, whereas darker colors tend to diminish or even shrink the perceived size of the space. Rather than choose dark paint colors, aim for bright whites and beiges to open up the room. Avoid busy wallpaper patterns and stick to minimalist, timeless colors. 

Shop From Businesses that Specialize in Salon Furniture

Keller International has been in the business of supporting salons and barbershops with their furniture needs for over two decades. While you could source your furniture from a mix of locations, finding a streamlined, reliable source for your furniture is not only more affordable but trustworthy. Shop with Keller for salon chairs, reception furniture, and accessories.


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