Things that drive customers away from nail salons

Keep Nail Salon Customers

 There are some things that you may not think about every day in your nail salon that you probably should. There are a lot of articles that are telling people what they should look out for in their nail salon and what they should avoid at all costs. Here, we will discuss some of the cardinal sins that any nail salon can succumb to. We looked at reviews of salons and many “how-to” articles that told readers what to be on the lookout for in nail salons, and from these, we came up with a few tips that you may want to consider so you can avoid committing one of these cardinal sins.

Not Just Customer Service

First of all, people are looking out for not only how you treat them as a customer, but also how your nail technicians are being treated. Not only in terms of how they are performing services but also what products are being used and the toxicity of these products. We did some research and we found some things that people have been told to look out for so they can help protect their technicians.

One of the most important things to keep in mind is the smell of your nail salon could be turning customers away. Many people don’t like particular chemical smells. Not only that, it’s an indicator that there isn’t enough ventilation in the salon, which is prolonging the exposure to potentially harmful chemicals that the technicians have to endure.

Another way to make people feel better about your salon and the health of your technicians is to use non-toxic products. Using these products is sometimes required by law, but if it’s not, you should make an effort to use them anyway. This helps protect your technicians and clients from the negative side effects of these chemicals. Some customers are picky about products that are used on them and using non-toxic products is usually a great alternative. You can also combat the smell by making sure that you keep all bottles closed and keep fans or other ventilation running throughout the salon.

Finally, in order to protect your technicians further, you should require all of them to wear masks and gloves during services. This will help them not breathe in as many harmful chemicals and will protect them from getting any of the chemicals on their skin. Even if this isn’t required by state laws, it’s a great practice for the overall health of your workers and customers.

People are more informed nowadays because of internet information, which means customers are making sure everything is perfectly up to their and others’ standards. This is especially true when it comes to cleanliness. People are expecting to be able to ask about the sanitation procedures of all of the tools that are going to be used on them. They want to check these because just about everyone has heard a horror story about a bad nail salon experience, especially after browsing online. Be ready for this question because people are going to ask and it’s best to have an answer ready and a process of showing them if they want to see ready to go so you aren’t caught off guard.

Stuff the Customers Will Do

Many people are looking for a certain brand or specific color nail polish, and people who are especially picky will bring their own polish. If you notice a customer is bringing their polish every time, it may be a good idea to start stocking that to show your customers you care about them and are willing to go the extra mile to make their nails exactly how they want them.

There are a lot of other things we’ve found during our research that suggest that people are going to be pickier about what exactly happens during their service. For example, a nail technician by the name of Susan suggests not getting cuticles clipped but instead having them pushed back in order to decrease the risk of infection. Tips like this from trained professionals give rise to customers asking for specific things during their services that are not normal practices during services. While this can be complicating for nail technicians, if you have technicians that are friendly and compliant, you will gain a better customer following and your salon will be more personable.

People being more aware can also make your job easier. For example, in the past, someone may not have known that they needed to tell you if they had any small cuts or scratches. With all the articles out now about proper nail salon etiquette, people know about things like that that they should bring up. People today are also bolder. This means they’re willing to speak up about things they do not like or things they think need to be done better. Understandably, this can be frustrating for you and your fellow nail technicians, but the biggest takeaway is that people are going to be picky and it might be annoying, but in the end, if the technicians are friendly and personable during the service and get the customer exactly what they are looking for, they won’t get complaints! Also, those customers may leave good reviews for the salon which will bring in future customers.



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