Keller Community Partnerships

Keller Receives Community Partners Award

World's Best Community Partners Award to Keller International

Keller International received Life Solutions of Hamlin's award for World's Best Community Partners in recognition of Extraordinary Dedication and Service

Keller International submitted a donation to the volunteer operated, non-profit organization during the holiday season in order to assist their efforts of providing food for families in the local community. The donation was able to provide meals for roughly 300 individuals during the Christmas season. 

"We're thrilled to hear that their efforts were this successful," said Cody McConnell, Director of Marketing at Keller International. "It's always heartwarming to hear about people helping others, especially within our local community."

Life Solutions has a wish list and are also looking for more volunteers. If you're able to assist them in anyway, please contact them by phone at (585) 964-7420, email at, or visit their Facebook page


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