Keller Barber Chair Qualities

Qualities of Great Barber Chairs

Happy barber chair month! Given that we’re dedicating a month to the barbering profession, it makes sense to discuss what qualities you should look for in a barber chair. Modern barbering equipment today should provide a unique design that suits your company brand, superior functionality that is just as versatile as you are, and lifetime value that you can count on for years to come. We’ll go further into detail regarding the benefits of having these qualities in your barber chairs.

Your hair canvases change all the time. Somedays, you could cut nappy hair, wavy hair, or damaged hair. Some are much more manageable than others, but when do you feel like you’re in the zone and doing your best work? There are a lot of factors at play. You enjoy the company of your co-workers and customers, you love the feeling you have at your barbershop, or maybe none of your clients canceled today. Being able to do your job easier makes life easier, and you can do your best work by having the best tools to DO your best cuts. Just like it’s easier to get the snow off your sidewalk with a snowblower instead of a shovel: you have the ability to remove the snow either way, but snow blowers make it easier for you to get the job done! This applies to barbershop chairs and barbering equipment, too. If these items have the added values and superior functionality that makes your job easier, this allows you to do your very best work faster and easier. It will show in your results, and it will make you less stressed since you can count on that part of your job being efficient.

Consider these values before making a purchase, and you’ll be performing that perfect fade & edge up for years to come.

Custom Design Barber Chairs

Custom Barber Chair Design

Be sure your supplier is involved with the manufacturing & comprehensive design plan to represent iconic furniture that is timeless. Modern barber chair designs offer additional remote controls, custom vinyl, and plush padded flip-up calf rests. Classic barber chair top designs should also be customizable with removable towel racks and fixed on robust base options. Fortunately, there are second-generation models with improvements that offer greater functionality and overall quality with a modern twist. If they’ve kept what makes the equipment great and improved on where they’ve fallen short in the past, you’ve got yourself a winner.

Performance Barber Chair Blog


Functionality is a key factor to consider when purchasing a barber chair because yes, it needs to have style, but it needs to perform. Modern features should include dual reclining levers for versatility. Some have removable headrests with advanced pin stems to create a variety of adjustments for maximum client comfort. The more adjustments, the better. Our popular brand chairs offer a deeper recline as an alternative with a simple gas shock adjustment, especially our Modern Barber Chair which has an immense recline. If you want to perform a classic shave, your barbershop chairs need this functionality.

Basic Anatomy Barber Chair Header

Basic Anatomy

The framework of your barber chair is a big determinant of its value. A great chair top is manufactured with a high-quality hardwood base and combined with reinforced welded steel. With these qualities, you can rest assured knowing that your chair has an unstoppable frame that will last for years. Imitation barber chairs lack a higher quality gage metal thickness which can be hard to determine just by a glance, and the lifetime of your chair is much shorter if the chair lacks quality attributes. Yes, our barber chairs are fully equipped with what we’ve mentioned. The weight of your barber chair (chair top and base included) should weigh near 150 pounds and range up to 250 pounds. Keep in mind: heavyweight means heavy-duty, so a heavy chair is a good indicator that you’re getting lasting furniture.

By keeping these qualities in mind, you’ll get the best value from your purchases. One additional consideration is to always ask about the sustainability of your hydraulic pump & base. All the greatest barber equipment companies in the industry use Highland (the USA made) because they’re known for offering superior value. Now, go forth and make the right barber chair decision!


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