Salon Interior Design Trends To Watch in 2023

Salon Interior Design Trends To Watch in 2023

As another new year approaches, so do the latest interior trends that all salon owners need to know. After all, you work in the beauty industry, so you should keep up with decorating trends to show clients that you’re a fashion master. Jot down these salon interior design trends to watch in 2023 to keep your salon ahead of competitors!

Curved Lines

Comfy and curvy furniture is a must-have in your salon. Upgrade the sofas and chairs in your reception area with plush couches that have curved shapes rather than angled edges. And when it comes to armchairs, the 1960s style is where it’s at. This is because of its soft-curve design.

Aim to have a mix of armchairs and a sofa or two in the waiting area to keep guests comfortable. Clients may not want to share the couch with a stranger. But if two customers come in together, they may want to sit closer so that they can talk.

This trend can extend to your salon chairs too. Keller sells different reclining salon chairs in numerous styles. With their soft curves and trendy looks, you can keep your salon modern while having the furniture necessary to keep your clients comfortable.

Stylish Colors

You can’t talk about 2023’s salon interior design trends without mentioning color. Repainting the salon can be the ideal way to give the business a facelift without overspending on pieces. Besides pastels, some trendy colors include:

  • Soft gray
  • Dark blue
  • Green
  • Violet

Natural, earthy tones have also grown in popularity. Spas and other salons focused on wellness can use this upcoming trend to their advantage as they create a tranquil environment. You can also add natural textures and tones, as these will continue to dominate in the new year.

More Natural Light

Designers also say that large windows will continue growing in popularity as people rely on natural rather than artificial light. Aim to blend natural and artificial light rather than letting the latter dominate. Sunlight makes people happy. However, it isn’t always sunny, and having light shine in from certain angles can create more shadows.

You should welcome natural light but have blinds or curtains to limit unnecessary light whenever necessary. Noting this is important because you need to see hues clearly without interference from shadows.


Looking for a way to add a bit of character to your salon? Borders are great for adding a strip of color or a design to your walls. Some people add trim to the top of the wall, while others place it at the middle or bottom. This trend is simple to make and will catch your customers’ eyes. Upgrade your beauty salon to keep up with the new year’s designs!  


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