Should I Buy Used Pedicure Chairs for My Salon?

Should I Buy Used Pedicure Chairs for My Salon?

Second-hand shopping is not just a modern trend—it is a great way to spend less and practice sustainability. Although being thrifty is applaudable in personal circumstances—buying clothes or home decor—thrifting may not be the best option when investing in your business, especially if you run a nail salon.

Pedicure chairs are the centerpiece of a nail salon, providing the core service clients seek and setting the stage for a relaxing and luxurious experience. While the initial savings from purchasing used chairs might seem appealing, there are compelling benefits to buying new chairs. If you are debating if you should buy used pedicure chairs for your nail salon, consider some of the advantages you might miss when investing in a used chair.

Warranty and Reliability

New pedicure chairs allow you to start from scratch, providing you with a fresh, undamaged chair with a long life ahead. They also come with manufacturer warranties, offering you peace of mind that will cover you should anything malfunction. Meanwhile, used chairs often come with scratches, featuring wear and tear from past uses. Buying a new chair guarantees a reliable, long-term investment.

Technological Advancements

Manufacturers are constantly innovating, making new pedicure chairs more comfortable and equipped with the latest technology, such as massage functions, adjustable settings, and improved hygiene features. Most used chairs on the market are older versions with outdated or minimal technological advancements. By choosing new pedicure chairs, you are providing your clients with the ultimate pampering experience.

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Hygiene is paramount in the beauty industry, and new pedicure chairs ensure the highest standards of cleanliness. With new chairs, you have the assurance that they have not been used before, reducing the risk of contamination or hygiene issues arising from pre-used chairs. Buying new pedicure chairs instead of used versions can significantly contribute to the health and safety of your clients.

Design Selection

The visual appeal of a salon is a major contributor to its overall ambiance and customer satisfaction. Shopping second-hand comes with limiting design selections. You get whatever is available. You have more design and style options when you shop new. New pedicure chairs come in multiple contemporary designs that can complement your salon's theme and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

At Keller International, our selection of salon pedicure chairs includes chairs of different designs, colors, and styles, providing you with diverse options. No matter your salon's aesthetic or ambiance, we have a pedicure chair that can fit your needs.

Should you buy used pedicure chairs for your salon? We are all for being thrifty, but when it comes to operating a hygienic, aesthetic, top-performing, and enjoyable nail salon business, buying new is the way to go.


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