Should You Offer Express Services at Your Salon?

Should You Offer Express Services at Your Salon?

Time is priceless in salons. Traditional appointments can be quite long, especially when coloring a client’s hair, guaranteeing quality results, and letting clients soak in self-care. However, quick trims, fast-drying manicures, and five-minute facials can be an in-and-out job, saving clients and your stylists time.

Express services offer self-care and beauty maintenance that work with busy schedules. Do these quick services take away the luxurious essence of salon services? Are they beneficial? Explore the pros and cons, and consider whether your salon should offer express services.

Customer Satisfaction

Express services can significantly boost customer satisfaction, as they cater to busy clients and give them the opportunity to enjoy self-care without sacrificing too much time. People with busy schedules might skip out on beauty services due to time commitments. Express services show your clients that they can still enjoy a quick makeover.

Adapting services to meet your clients’ needs also increases their loyalty. Customers appreciate a salon business that understands their time constraints. They also like that salon services help them take a break from the hustle and bustle.

Incoming Foot Traffic

One of the primary advantages of offering express services at your salon is the potential increase of foot traffic. Quick services often appeal to walk-ins or last-minute appointments, attracting those who might not have the time for a full-service visit. The quick client turn-around times also allow you to serve more people in a day. More customers walking through the door increases the opportunity for product sales, upselling comprehensive services, and building a broader client base.

However, greater foot traffic also means more wear and tear on your tools and equipment. Offering express services requires durable equipment and good staff management; otherwise, you’ll end up with costly repairs and replacements and fatigued staff.

Service Quality

The biggest potential downside to offering express services is the perception that quicker means lower quality. Balancing quality and speed is essential when offering express services. You need to train staff to deliver express services and communicate to clients what these services entail—and what they don’t—to manage expectations.

Are you still wondering if you should offer express services at your salon? Shortened versions of your services can help you keep up with the fast-paced lifestyle of many clients. With these things in mind, you can make express services work.

If you plan to incorporate express services at your salon, invest in equipment that supports efficiency. Check out our diverse selections of salon equipment at Keller today!


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