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The Benefits of Portable Manicure Tables

Salons offer various services, including haircare, waxing, and nail care. When your business provides several or all of these services, you’ll need multiple types of workstations. With essentials like a portable manicure table, you can have the necessary stations without overcrowding the salon. Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of portable manicure tables.

Easy To Store

One of the most important things to consider when buying furniture for your salon is the item's size. While size is essential when purchasing a portable manicure table, you don’t have to worry about it taking up much space in your salon.

You should have enough space to open the table and comfortably move around. When you finish a manicure, you can fold the table and store it or move it to the side so the salon feels more open.

You Can Travel With Them

The second key benefit of portable manicure tables is in the name—you can easily move them. Mobile workstations are a great asset if your salon also offers services for weddings or other formal events. Most portable tables have wheels on the bottom to make transporting them even easier; you can lock these wheels once you set up the station.

Pro Tip

Another bonus of a portable manicure table is that you can take it to career fairs or networking events to show off your business.

They’re Budget-Friendly

If you need a manicure table for your salon, portable models are perfect because they’re economical. A stationary manicure table comes with high price tags, nearly hitting thousands of dollars. Movable tables, on the other hand, only cost a couple of hundred dollars and are an amazing value thanks to their versatility.

Buying Your Portable Manicure Table

As you shop for a portable manicure table for your salon, there are a few key things to keep in mind. For example, you should consider what style best fits your salon’s design. In addition to this, evaluate:

  • Price: While portable manicure tables are inexpensive, you still need to budget.
  • Functionality: Some tables have drawers, can fold, or have other functions.
  • Size: Read through the table dimensions when folded up and extended.

After going through all this information, you should read customer reviews. This is no different than any other furniture you’d add to the salon, and past customer reviews give you the best idea of quality. A table may look perfect, but if it easily scratches or is hard to move, it’s not worth the price.

Shop for Great Options

Keller offers portable manicure tables that are ideal assets to your salon. Shop for sturdy options that look great so your nail technicians have an easy time serving every customer who books a nail appointment. Make only the best upgrades to your salon.


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