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The Difference an LED Mirror Makes

Mirrors are a fantastic way to make a statement – they come in countless shapes and sizes, and they’re decorative and functional at the same time! Mirrors are essential for people to make sure they are looking their best, which makes them a staple in homes and businesses. But mirrors aren’t any good without good lighting, and that’s why it makes sense to get an LED mirror with lights built into it! Read on to learn about the difference an LED mirror can make. 

Why Buy a Mirror with LED Lights

For Business
LED mirrors are staples for professional hairdressers, barbers, and makeup artists. Mirrors play a crucial role in how customers for these businesses see themselves which is essential to how they walk away feeling after an appointment. They’ll continue thinking about that feeling when they are deciding whether or not they should come back.
Even if a mirror isn’t essential to your business, it can still be a key piece of décor. Sometimes decorating with wall art alone can be difficult. You don’t want to buy wall art that everyone already owns, but finding one-of-a-kind pieces can be incredibly expensive. Choosing more wall mirrors in place of some pieces of art can simplify the interior design process while also making a big statement. And, of course, your business, no matter what industry it’s in, needs a quality bathroom LED mirror for customers and employees alike to use.
For Home
LED mirrors are also an amazing addition to homes. The right bathroom LED mirror can take any bathroom from ordinary to exceptionally stunning. LED vanity mirrors can also be a great focal point for the bedroom. Whether you’re using them to get ready, simply as a design piece, or a mixture of both, they are well worth the money.
If you’re serious about making sure your makeup is always on point, just an ordinary mirror won’t give you the help you need to look your best. An LED makeup mirror will make sure you always have the proper lighting to get an accurate look at your completed application. Whether it’s day or night outside won’t affect your final makeup look. 
For Everyone!
No matter where you’re using them, LED mirrors are versatile. Maybe you don’t have the best eye for design, but an LED mirror is an easy and functional piece to integrate into virtually any style. Whether you like a more modern aesthetic, something whimsical and colorful, or even something vintage, you should be able to find a mirror that perfectly complements your taste. If you’re someone that likes to change up the décor in a space frequently, you’ll find that you can keep your LED mirror up and it will instantly mesh with whatever adjustments you make.

5 Best LED Mirrors from Keller International

1.     Keller LED Makeup Mirror

Keller Makeup Mirror
If you’re a professional makeup artist or you’re just a makeup wearer who wants to make sure their makeup is always as polished as it can be, this makeup mirror with lights is a fantastic investment. The LED lights are in a border that goes all the way around the mirror, creating the illusion of a frame. It comes in two sizes to suit different spaces and different needs. Unlike some harsh LED lighting, you can expect this mirror to replicate the appearance of natural daylight. There is even an energy saver feature! 

2.     Dream LED Full-Length Floor Mirror

Dream LED Full Length Mirror
Whether you buy this mirror for your home or your business, it will instantly become the center of attention thanks to the gorgeous crystal design. Each piece of glass is individually placed on the border for added elegance. You can adjust the brightness and color hue using the wireless remote control to achieve a variety of different looks. Choose between cool, neutral, and warm temperature options based on your desired ambiance. You can use it as a floor mirror or mount it on the wall depending on your preferred aesthetic. 

3.     Eclipse LED Backlit Mirror 

Eclipse LED Mirror
This mirror probably defies whatever picture you have in your head for what an LED mirror should look like. The appearance is simplistic but unique. The circular shape and backlit design as opposed to the traditional LED light bulbs make it look like something straight from outer space. Unlike some LED-lit mirrors on the market, this design was created to be energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. With 35% more clarity than a conventional mirror, it’s perfect for hair and makeup professionals who want to give their clients the most accurate look at their work. 

4.     Starlet Hollywood LED Full-Length Floor Mirror

Hollywood LED Mirror by Keller International
If you want a completely glamorous look for your home, this mirror is the perfect piece of décor. With the 23 LED lights on the full-length size, it’s the best way to get the full effect of an outfit, makeup look, and/or hairstyle. If you’re applying makeup on a client, doing their hair, or just getting ready in your own home, this mirror will make the process so much simpler. The mirror includes a wall mount bracket for easy secure installation, but it can also be propped up against a wall. 

5.     Illuminated LED Backlit Mirror

Illuminated LED Backlit Mirror by Keller International
This understated mirror is fully lined with LED lights on the back for a stunning backlit appearance. The lighting isn’t too harsh or too dull—it radiates the optimal appearance of natural light that is the ideal choice for LED vanity mirrors for hairstylists or professional makeup artists. Because the LED lighting is eco-friendly, you can expect to save up to 80% on energy! You’ll barely notice the on-off switch because it’s a faint round button, making it easy to turn on or off but not so obvious that it disrupts the streamlined aesthetic of this masterpiece.

Order Your Dream LED Lighted Mirror from Keller International
For all these mirrors and others, you can trust Keller International to deliver the highest quality. Our LED mirrors aren’t just functional items. They are true works of art and also built to last. 
Our mirrors instantly increase the sophistication of any space. Browse all our designs and find the one that fits your aesthetic today!


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